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'Once Upon a Time' spoilers: Emma's new man, Neal, and the wicked witch's name

"Once Upon a Time" will be returning on March 9.
"Once Upon a Time" will be returning on March 9.

On Feb. 20 KPopStarz shares a spoiler roundup for the mid-season premiere of "Once Upon a Time" that have fans begging for the show's return. When the show returns we will be right in the thick of things, just as if there wasn't a long break from the first half of the season.

First, when the fairytale characters return to the Enchanted Forest, things will immediately not be right as they are going to be met with the wicked witch, who has been doing some redecorating in the queen's absence. It is now known that her first name is Zelena, not Elphaba as it has always been in other stories of the green skinned witch. Fans still aren't sure what her intentions are or what she wants, but we will find out what her and her flying monkeys are doing in The Enchanted Forest soon after the show resumes.

Neal is desperate to get back to Emma and their son, Henry, despite Charming's and Snow's warning that he just needs to let her go. Neal is determined to find a way back to his little family and win Emma over once again, no matter what.

Meanwhile, back in New York, Emma and Henry have no recollection at all as to what has happened over the past year, or anything about other realms. They are living life in New York as if nothing ever happened and there was no Storybrooke. Emma even has a new man, played by Christopher Gorham. Creators of the show say that Emma's heart is all over the place and things will happen that will force her to choose sides. So whether Gorham sticks around or not is not known yet.

Are you excited for "Once Upon a Time" to return? be sure to catch the mid season premiere on March 9.