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'Once Upon a Time' spoilers: Did Christopher Gorham hint at his character?

What character is Christopher Gorham playing on 'Once Upon a Time?'
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

"Once Upon a Time" fans are busy trying to solve one of season 3's biggest mysteries. They already know that Christopher Gorham is going to appear during the upcoming episode titled "New York City Serenade," but they're not sure who he'll be playing. Don't read on if you want to avoid spoilers!

On Jan. 8, Gorham tweeted about a Disney fairytale character. So was this a hint about who he'll be playing on "Once?" Here's what he wrote:

My daughter wants to dye her hair white and be a singer. Revenge will be mine.

However, he's not going to rock a white beard and sing Merlin's "That's What Makes the World Go Round" song from "The Sword in the Stone." His tweet was accompanied by a picture of Elsa from Disney's "Frozen," and it was directed to Idina Menzel, the actress who voices the Snow Queen character. As fun as it would be, it's doubtful that Christopher Gorham will dress in drag to portray the fierce "Frozen" beauty.

However, he could die his hair white and play a similar character. Jack Frost hasn't been introduced to "Once Upon a Time" yet. The icy fairytale character has appeared in one Disney movie, but the House of Mouse probably would like to forget Martin Short's villainous version of Jack Frost in "The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause."

Right now the only info on Christopher Gorham's "OUAT" character is that he will be playing a "mysterious character connected to Emma and Rapunzel." This is interesting because set photos show Gorham's character in New York with Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison). So maybe he's playing a fairytale character who has somehow ended up in NYC.

Fans might immediately think that the connection to Rapunzel (Alexandra Metz) means that Gorham will playing Flynn Rider, the guy who "rescues" the princess in the movie "Tangled." However, the 39-year-old actor is probably a little too old to play the immature thief. Rapunzel is an 18-year-old in the movie, and Flynn Rider is supposed to be in his twenties. Since Gorham is closer to Jennifer Morrison's age, it seems more likely that Emma's love interest. She has no memory of Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) and only remembers Nealfire (Michael Raymond-James) abandoning her, so she could be dating other guys. Another theory is that Gorham is playing one of Emma's foster siblings.

According to TV Line, creator Eddy Kitsis dismissed speculation that Gorham will be playing a grown-up Henry (Jared Gilmore), so maybe the show will hold off on the flash-forwards for a while. This casting mystery is a tough one to crack, but maybe fans will get another clue or two before "Once Upon a Time" returns on March 9.

Who do you think Gorham is playing?

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