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'Once Upon a Time' speculation: Is Rumple Zelena's father?

Could it be possible that Rumple is Zelena's father?
Could it be possible that Rumple is Zelena's father?

"Once Upon a Time" often leaves fans with more questions than it answers on any given episode. On March 20 Wetpaint laid out a list of questions that last Sunday's episode titled "Witch Hunt" left us with. Of all of them, the most pressing question is whether or not Rumple could be Zelena's father.

Fans have already learned that Zelena has trained under The Dark One just as her sister, Regina, and her mother, Cora did. This doesn't seem surprising since Rumple seems to be the go-to guy to learn magic from if you live in the Enchanted Forest.

If fans recall from the first half of season three, flashbacks were shared of Cora's training with Rumple and it was revealed that they did more than just train magically. Cora was sleeping with Rumple behind her husband's back. Cora also admitted to getting pregnant while she was bedding Rumple. This leads fans to believe that he could be Zelena's father. During these flashbacks, Regina wasn't present, so it was obviously before she came along. Cora ended her training and relationship with Rumple when she found out, but fans aren't sure if the baby she had was her husband's or Rumples, or whether she kept the baby at all. Did she abort it? Did she give it away like she did Zelena? Was it Zelena? Or was it Regina she was pregnant with at the time?

There is one striking physical resemblance that lead many to speculate between The Dark One's relationship to Zelena, and that is their skin. Both Zelena and Rumple, after he became The Dark One, took on a metallic sheen that can't be removed. Almost as if magic is spun into their skin. Supposedly, Zelena turned green from jealousy that Regina was the chosen one to stay with Cora but could that have only been possible because of her father?

Do you think there is a possibility that Rumple and Zelena could be related?