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‘Once Upon A Time’ sneak peek: Ariel puts Hook in an uncompromising position

Fans are eagerly awaiting this Sunday’s (April 13) Hook-centric ‘Once Upon A Time.’ Colin O’Donoghue’s charming captain won over our hearts and quickly became a fan favorite. In “The Jolly Roger” he’s teaming up with JoAnna Garcia Swisher’s enchanting Ariel to track down Prince Eric and reclaim his ship from the legendarily loathed Black Beard. Unfortunately, Ariel and Hook don’t exactly hit it off from the start.

How does Hook charm his way out of this scenario?
ABC/Jack Rowand

In the embedded sneak peek (courtesy of an E!Online exclusive), we see how lovesick Hook is trying to keep up appearances with his old mates. When you see what he does with Smee’s “gift,” you’ll love Hook even more. That’s when Ariel catches Hook off guard and gains the upper hand. Judging by the previously released promotional images, she doesn’t stay on top for long.

There is a reason why Hook-centric episodes turn out to be some of the season’s best work. “The Jolly Roger” looks like another spectacular hour of TV. Ariel’s spunk paired with Hook’s biting wit will deliver loads of laughs. I think it is ironic that Hook kind of feels like a fish out of water now that he is back in Fairy Tale Land.

It looks like Ariel and Hook will bond over their desire to reunite with the ones they love.

Could Ariel’s search for Eric prompt Hook’s bold venture to find Emma in New York? Did she help him find Emma to return the favor? Or does she still owe him one? Share your thoughts below!

We also see that Chris Guthier is back as Smee, so it looks like the rat spell didn’t stick once the curse was broken. It makes me wonder what other spells could have been undone in the process.

The teasers for this episode are just getting me more excited. “The Jolly Roger” definitely won’t let fans down. Hopefully the next sneak peek will give us a glimpse of Black Beard in action.

Let the swordplay begin!

‘Once Upon A Time’s’ “The Jolly Roger” airs Sunday, April 13 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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