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'Once Upon a Time' showrunners on ‘Frozen’s’ Elsa as potential season 4 villain

In the final moments of the season 3 finale of “Once Upon a Time,” titled “No Place Like Home,” fans were given a glimpse of a new Disney princess arriving in Storybrooke. On Monday, TV Guide discussed whether the latest arrival is likely to be the season 4 villain or not.

“Once Upon a Time” showrunners on ‘Frozen’s’ Elsa as potential season 4 villain
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After accidentally going back in time where she was able to watch her parents, Snow White and Prince Charming meet and fall in love, Emma Swan realized there was no place like home and that home was in Storybrooke. She also realized that Captain Hook was the man of her dreams. Rumple and Belle had a quick but sweet wedding in the woods. Regina and Robin Hood were, however torn apart by the surprise return of Maid Marion. Emma brought her back from the past and Regina is pretty ticked off about it.

Not only did Emma bring Marion back, something else came through the portal... a vase containing a liquid that morphed into what sure did seem to be Elsa from “Frozen.” We never saw her face but from the way she was dressed and the way everything she touched turned to ice, it seemed clear.

Executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz discussed Elsa’s presence. The dissected what her presence could mean for Season 4 of “Once Upon a Time” and the residents of Storybrooke.

Horowitz says the character has not yet been cast and they haven’t even begun to look for her yet. He went on to explain that the thing they loved about “Frozen” was how Elsa wasn’t necessarily a villain but simply misunderstood. Kitsis concurs that makes for a powerful story element.

For those worried about what the executive producers will do with the beloved character, have no fear. They assure us they only want to honor the character. Horowitz said, “We truly want to honor the character that everybody has fallen in love with so quickly. When you see how our interpretation of her and what we do with her, you will see that's exactly what we're trying to do.”

When asked if other characters from the movie like Anna and Olaf might appear, Horowitz said they would be “very disappointed” if only Elsa from that world appeared. He would not elaborate on who else might appear.

Regina has reason to return to dark side now. Is that what the showrunners have in mind? Kitsis said it was their intention to leave the audience wondering just that. Regina has grown so much over the series 66 episodes and what she will do now is a big question. Could she return to the role of villain for season 4? Maybe. How Emma reacts to her role in this is another great question. Emma could be eaten up with guilt like Snow White was over her role in Daniel’s death.

Robin Hood will have struggles of his own, according to the showrunners. He will have to deal with his feelings for both Marion and Regina. They also promise Hook and Emma’s path won’t be drama-free either. They’ll be facing some surprises and challenges.

Kitsis and Horowitz are taking 2 weeks off to decompress and shut off their brains. After Memorial Day, however, the work on season 4 begins. According to Kitsis, “We’re trying our hardest to not think for two weeks, but when the two weeks is done and Memorial Day is done, then our first order of business will be who is Elsa.”

Horowitz added that we will likely see her very early in season 4. Kitsis added it will possibly be in the premiere.

The pair managed to keep the season 3 finale and introduction of Elsa a secret by distributing scripts with an alternate ending to everyone who didn’t have a need to know. Many of the cast and crew didn’t find out until after the episode was wrapped, according to a report on Time.

“Once Upon a Time” has been renewed for a fourth season by ABC. The premiere will probably be sometime in mid-September 2104.

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