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‘Once Upon a Time' showrunners on 'Epic wish fulfillment' season 3 finale

The 2-hour season 3 finale of “Once Upon a Time” airs this Sunday and anticipation is high. Showrunners Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter and shared some season 3 finale spoilers we think you’ll find interesting. To start with, "Everybody thinks Zelena's in that jail cell. They're going to find out very quickly that she's not," Horowitz said.

David, Mary Margaret and the new baby
David, Mary Margaret and the new baby
Photo by YouTube (Screen Capture)
‘Once Upon a Time' showrunners on 'Epic wish fulfillment' season 3 finale
Photo by Youtube (Screen Capture)

The finale will air as 2 back-to-back episodes titled “Snow Drifts” and “No Place Like Home.” Kitsis says he and Horowitz envisioned the finale as a 2-hour movie and they feel it will deliver a satisfying climax for the season. He promises that all the questions that have arisen throughout season 3 will be answered during the final 2 hours.

In the last episode, Zelena was apparently defeated, locked in jail and then seemingly killed by Rumplestiltskin. Her death seems to have unleashed her magic which triggered her portal to the past to open up. The promo shows at least Emma going through the portal and then Emma and Hook in Fairytale Land, presumably in the past. Any move they make could threaten their own existence and that of their loved ones.

Kitsis said viewers will find out in the finale whether or not Regina regrets her decision to spare Zelena. Whether Zelena could have redeemed herself is a point that the show is really all about. No matter how dark a soul is, there is still the potential for good to reside there too. Both Regina and Rumple have displayed a move toward good but that doesn’t ever mean that a dark chapter is permanently closed for anyone, the showrunners warned. Could we see Rumple go darker or Regina return to her evil ways? Anything is possible.

Belle and Rumple became engaged in the last episode and that was genuine, as is Rumple’s love for her. Still, he is a complicated man, one who is keeping a secret from his fiancé. Will Belle find out that Rumple broke his promise? Kitsis said, “Secrets never end well. (Joking.) I can tell you that his bachelor party is going to be in Atlantic City... As we said, Rumple's love for Belle is genuine but he also let us know that in their very first episode together "Skin Deep" that he's a very difficult man to love. There are a lot of complicated things going on in his head and we're just beginning to explore that. Next year, we'll understand a lot more what he's thinking,” then added, “We'll have to wait and see when she finds out. It could be this weekend, it could be next year.”

The fact that Zelena is no longer in the jail cell will become obvious pretty quickly in Sunday’s finale. Emma, who has been set on returning with Henry to New York because that’s where her happiest memories are, is still searching for home. She will be asking herself that question, about where home is, during the final episode, “No Place Like Home” as the Oz-themed arc wraps up.

Hook has been dealing with unrequited love for some time now and was distressed whenever Emma talked about returning to New York. The showrunners indicated Hook is becoming fed up with the situation. Everyone else succumbs to his charms except Emma, the person he loves. Kitsis said “He is becoming frustrated because he has declared that he will win her heart and she has declared it's going to be very hard. They are going to be put in a lot of danger this week and we'll see if romance can even rear its head.... But I'd be depressed if it didn't.” Now that sounds promising.

Kitsis and Horowitz said the journey through the Fairytale Land of the past will be difficult and challenging, if Hook and Emma want to not only return to their present but have it remain as they remember it. They have choices to make, choices that could alter the future and their pasts.

The still unknown name of the Charmings’ son will be revealed this week. Kitsis says when the name is revealed, people will understand immediately why it was chosen. He also confirmed the show will be headed somewhere new in season 4 – ABC just renewed the show this week – and that destination will be revealed in the final moments of the finale.

When asked how they would describe the final 2 hours of the show, Horowitz called it “Wish fulfillment.” Kitsis reiterated, “Epic wish fulfillment.”

Once Upon a Time” will air the 2-hour finale, “Snow Drifts” and “No Place Like Home” on Sunday, May 11. Check out the slide show and promo

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