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‘Once Upon a Time’ second half season 3 spoilers, previews, sneak peeks, more

The second half of season 3 of “Once Upon a Time” launches this Sunday with “New York City Serenade” and we’ve rounded up all sorts of goodies to help get you up to speed. E! Online posted March 7 about what we can expect going forward too. There are more than just flying monkeys on the horizon! Check out the video sneak peek.

Prince Philip and Aurora
Prince Philip and Aurora
Photo by ABC Promotional
‘Once Upon a Time’ second half season 3 spoilers, previews, sneak peeks, more
Photos by ABC Promotional

Belle and Robin Hood will have a heartwarming reunion in the midseason premiere after the hooded one saves the Evil Queen from an iconic creature. Regina then insults him saying he “smells like forest.” As for whether or not Belle will return to the Dark Castle, we’ll have to keep watching. We will get to meet Lumiere and see Belle develop as more a cerebral hero who turns to a book for an answer rather than a sword.

Regina will be struggling with her new life. She’s lost Henry and knows he remembers nothing of her, leaving her in a dark, desperate place. Her heartache is palpable but there will be several heartfelt scenes between her and her stepdaughter, Snow White.

Snow White will be expecting another child. This will come as a bit of a shock to Emma. Henry knows nothing of Neal because of his enchanted memories. All he knows is that Neal left Emma to take the rap for his robbery deal and go to jail in his place.

As for how much of Oz we’ll see and which characters, showrunner Edward Kitsis says "We will definitely see some iconic friends from Oz and their relationships are actually going to be explored in a couple episodes." We also have it on good authority that we will travel the Yellowbrick Road and visit the Emerald City. There will be a stop at Glinda’s palace and a look at one of the Wizard’s most deceptive rooms.

There will be more of Henry and Hook together as their relationship develops, including a humorous exchange in the midseason premiere between the two. Henry will not be getting his memories back anytime soon and this leaves Regina devastated. Though she struggles with sleepless nights and lots of tears, she is grateful he also doesn’t remember all the bad things about her either.

Aurora and Prince Phillip will be back and Aurora is glowing with her pregnancy. Things will take on a somewhat darker tone when we learn the couple is keeping a dangerous secret from everyone else.

What happened to Rumplestiltskin? He will only be mentioned briefly in the premiere episode but we’re told episode 13 will focus on the Dark One. We’re told not to underestimate the tricks Rumplestiltskin is capable of. When it comes to his romance with Belle, all we can say is true love always wins, even after death. Always.

“Once Upon a Time's” midseason premiere “New York City Serenade” airs Sunday, March 9 at 7 p.m. on ABC.

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