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'Once Upon a Time' season three finale spoilers: Showrunners spill the secrets

Jennifer Morrison
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Tonight fans get a big two hour season three finale of the show "Once Upon a Time." On Sunday, EW was able to talk to the showrunners and get some of the best information out there about this upcoming finale. Keep reading but be prepared that huge spoilers are head.

Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis shared some big information. They won't reveal if viewers have seen the last of Zelena but they will share that she won't be showing upon this season finale. It might be the last of her and it might not. They are doing all that they can to not share and keep you wondering about her.

Snow White and Prince Charming will announce the name of their baby tonight. They are glad to do it and when you hear it everything will make sense to the fans of the show. It might have magical powers, but nothing will be showing up tonight. Also Rumpel will be working on showing his nice side instead of his evil side.

We Love Soaps shared a preview of tonight's episode. On this clip, you can see that Emma and Hook are back in time. Emma runs into Rumpel telling him that they need his help. He won't help until she answers a question for him about if he will find his son or not. She does tell him yes so it looks like he is willing to do what he can after that to help her possibly.

The big finale of "Once Upon a Time" will leave fans wanting to know more about next season. It will feel like a two hour movie as you watch the last of season three. This show has been renewed for season four already. Fans will have to wait and see what happens, but don't miss the last few minutes of the show. Don't miss this finale tonight.

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