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'Once Upon a Time' season 4 spoilers: Three 'Frozen' characters coming

On June 7 Wetpaint Entertainment posted the news that several characters from the popular Disney animated adventure "Frozen" will be appearing on the upcoming fourth season of "Once Upon a Time," which is expected to air this fall. The season three finale teased that Elsa will be coming to Storybrooke, and now she is bringing some friends along. Elsa is also being set up as a possible villain for the new season.

Kristen Bell
Photo by Michael Buckner

ABC is currently casting the roles of Anna, Elsa and Kristoff for the upcoming season. Elsa is expected to appear in at least nine episodes of the season, possibly being the main villain until the midseason finale. The character has been teased but her face was not shown on camera since the actress has yet to be cast, so a stand in was used. The trio of characters are the main sisters and love interest in the film, and executive producers on the series haven't ruled out other characters from the film popping up.

Elsa is being described as a late twenties or early thirties actress, meaning that the show is aging the character up since her coronation in the film happens on her eighteenth birthday. She learned to control her powers in the film, and people in Storybrooke tend to have a problem keeping their magic under control. The show also alters the popular characters in order to tell a new story for the series.

Anna is the "fun loving" younger sister of Elsa, who is resourceful and kind. It's unclear if she arrives in Storybrooke through the blue goo like her sister, but in Storybrooke sometimes various characters are locals. Actress Kristen Bell, who voiced the character for the film, has expressed an interest to portray the character again for the television show if the need arises.

The third character is Kristoff, Anna's love interest in the film who helps her save Elsa. He is described as a "gruff" character who has always been alone. He is shown on the series living in a castle and having a rough time. It's possible the three will appear in Arendelle in flashbacks as well as in Storybrooke with the regular characters.

TVLine revealed on June 7 that no one is currently favored for any role although casting should be announced by late summer. The series is also used to creating CGI characters such as the Blue Fairy, and its likely that characters like Olaf could somehow be referenced or appear in episodes. Storybrooke characters tend to be related to each other or have a past history and characters, like Rapunzel, have already been on the series and been in the film.

The fourth season of the ABC fairytale drama will consist of twenty-two episodes which are scheduled to premiere in September 2014. The second half of the season will air in the spring of 2015 and "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" actor Michael Socha will be joining the series as Will Scarlet/Knave of Hearts. Robin Hood and his wife Marian will also be a big part of the fourth season cast, after their appearance ended in a cliffhanger for season three.

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