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'Once Upon A Time' season 4 spoilers tease what's next for RumBelle and more

Rumple and Belle have more challenges ahead.
Rumple and Belle have more challenges ahead.
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Fans of "Once Upon A Time" saw Rumplestiltskin and Belle marry at the end of the season three finale. Not everything will run smoothly for the couple next season though. Belle has no idea that the man she loves killed Zelena, but she will find out. On May 15, Wetpaint Entertainment shared new spoilers for this couple.

Edward Kitsis did tease fans about their future, and Belle will definitely find out about Rumple's role in Zelena's death. It is just a "matter of when and how." However, Rumple's love for her and the vows that he said at their wedding were genuine. Rumple is just one to do things outside the box when it comes down to it. He figured out how to handle Regina during season two after promising Belle he wouldn't do anything. This is a repeat of that. Fans will need to tune in to find out how Belle takes it next season.

As for Regina, she will definitely not be happy with Emma next season. Maid Marian is back, and that means Robin Hood has his wife back. This will have an impact on Regina's love life. Jennifer Morrison did tease that fans will see more conflict between the Regina and Emma next season. Emma may want Regina with Robin, but she wasn't about to let Maid Marian die either. It was a tough situation, but she also said that there should be "conflict between Regina and Emma, because that’s where the show got its feet in the first place."

Maid Marian will definitely be in Storybrooke next season. An interview with Christie Laing at Hypable revealed that much, but the actress couldn't reveal anything about what role Marian will play in the drama to unfold next season. Next season is still very much in the planning stages.

What do you think? Are you ready to see what happens next in the town of Storybrooke on this series? "Once Upon A Time" will return to ABC this fall.