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'Once Upon a Time' season 4 spoilers: Mystery of Hook’s trade of ‘Jolly Roger'

'Once Upon a Time' season 4 spoilers: Mystery of Hook’s trade of ‘Jolly Roger'
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Season 4 of “Once Upon a Time” will kick off in a little over 6 weeks and fans of Captain Hook are anxiously awaiting answers to burning questions, like will he and Emma finally get it on? And what happened to the ‘Jolly Roger’? Enstarz shared some comments from Colin O’Donoghue on Aug. 13.

At the end of Season 3, Hook’s patience finally paid off as he and Emma finally shared a passionate kiss. The groundwork has been laid and it is time for these two people to find a little happiness. Given their backgrounds and baggage, we don’t expect the road to be an easy one but one worth travelling just the same.

As for Hook’s ship, the Jolly Roger, Colin O’Donoghue, the Irish actor with all the swagger who plays Hook, is as mystified as the rest of us. It doesn’t look like we’ll find out what happened to his ship any time soon.

"It's definitely something I myself am wondering," O'Donoghue said, "I would be intrigued to see exactly what happened there . . . The Jolly Roger was his life for 300 years!" At the time of his remarks, the cast had only filmed the first three episode of Season 4. So no Jolly Roger story line up to that point.

If you recall, in Season 3, Hook was able to dodge the second curse just before Peter Pan enacted it. He traded his beloved ship for a magic bean. It was that bean which allowed him to get to the land without magic.

We know the first 11 episodes will be tightly wrapped up with the “Frozen” story line. The other principal characters will have plenty to do as well. Let us not forget that Emma brought back Maid Marian, Robin Hood’s wife who was believed dead. This is going to mess up the newly developed romance between Robin and Regina. Regina isn’t going to take that lightly. She and Emma already have a strained relationship because of their shared motherhood of Henry. Though the two strong women had been mending their fences, this is likely to tear them down to their foundations. There is bound to be some blowback on Emma and Hook’s relationship. Hook, you’ll remember, told Emma not to bring the woman they found in a Fairy Tale Land prison – Marian - back to Storybrooke with them.

Once Upon a Time” Season 4 will premiere Sunday, Sept. 28 on ABC. We’ll keep you posted on Hook and others as we get wind of more news.

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