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'Once Upon a Time' season 4 spoilers: Kristin Bauer returns for major arc

Kristin Bauer is trading in her fangs for magical powers. On August 26 Entertainment Weekly broke the news that actress Kristin Bauer will be returning for a major episode arc on the upcoming fourth season of "Once Upon a Time," where she plays the character of Maleficent. The character first appeared on the first season of the season and returned for part of the second season.

Kristin Bauer
Photo by Rochelle Brodin

Kristin Bauer van Straten, who is most well known for playing Pam on the HBO vampire series "True Blood," which just wrapped it's seventh and final season. The actress also has dozens of other television and movie credits to her name. She first appeared as Malficent in the first season of the series before being imprisoned in a tower and apparently killed by Emma Swan in the season one finale. However, she returned at the end of the second season in a new form. It's common for the show to use flashbacks to explain character backgrounds and new plot lines.

The first half of the fourth season will focus on the new characters from the Disney movie "Frozen," including Anna, Kristoff and Elsa. The show divides each season into two halves and each half tells a new story, which also makes sense because the first half airs at the end of the year and the second half airs at the beginning of the next year. It's possible that Bauer will be the major villain for the second half of season four, since she has some revenge to dish out against Regina, Emma and many of the other Storybrooke residents.

The Wrap revealed on August 26 that Bauer's role will be recurring and she will play a major part in the new season. No one on the series tends to stay dead for very long, since most characters reappear in alternate timelines or flashbacks. Maleficent's return also means that the series may be diving deeper into Aurora's part, who has been appearing in the Enchanted Forest for two seasons without too much character development.

"Once Upon a Time" season four will return on September 28 at 8 p.m. on ABC. Maleficent's return is also not surprising due to the box office success of "Maleficent," the live action retelling of the sorceress from the Disney animated adventure. Characters from "Frozen" were also added to the show after it's box office success and the series creators interest in their potential. The show usually puts a new spin on the characters so they fit into the framework of the series.

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