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‘Once Upon a Time’ season 4 spoilers: Jennifer Morrison talks Hook romance

‘Once Upon a Time’ season 4 spoilers: Jennifer Morrison talks Hook romance
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly

It looks like the long-anticipated Emma Swan-Captain Hook romance on “Once Upon a Time” might actually happen in season 4. Fans will recall that the season 3 finale ended for the pair with Emma planting a great big wet one on Hook. According to a June 2 report by Fashion & Style, it looks like that was just the beginning.

Jennifer Morrison, the pretty actress who plays Emma, recently talked about her character’s developing relationship with the swarthy and charming pirate. According to Morrison, she was just as surprised as the fans were to learn the direction their blossoming love story would be taking. In the beginning she never saw it coming but as the series has evolved and their characters have grown, they have discovered a chemistry and a kindred spirit that compels them. She sees that both characters have really good hearts even though circumstances can lead them to really dark places. Here is what the actress had to say:

"If you had said it to me when we first started the show, I never would have anticipated it, but the reality is that he's a very kindred spirit," she said. "They've both been through similar things, they're both survivors and they've both had to fight in order to literally just live. There's also something in them where they'll both go to great lengths to protect the people they care about - and sometimes they'll do really bad things to do that, but they both have really good hearts, so I think they see a lot of themselves in each other."

The character of Emma has evolved a great deal since the beginning of season 1. She has weathered many personal changes and changes in her belief system. Hook has also faced circumstances that have forced him to reflect and grow. Throughout the whole thing, Hook was able to convince Emma that she didn’t have to pretend with him. She was and is free to be herself. What woman could resist?

Morrison also said that Hook’s fierce protection of Emma, in the sense that he makes her be the best version of herself that she can be, is what ultimately won her over. It is a good place for them to start a relationship.

Emma will need someone strong to lean on as she prepares to do battle with…Regina. The two were able to set aside their differences when they had to work together, first to rescue Henry and then to save Storybrooke from the Wicked Witch. The season 3 finale made it pretty clear that all bets on a BFF-type of relationship are off, though. On that front, here’s what Morrison had to say:

"It makes sense that we're going back to a place where these two women are going to be adversaries," Morrison said. "Emma definitely wants Regina to be with Robin, and she never would have intentionally done anything to hurt that. But she'd also never let someone die in the circumstance that [Marian] was in."

It looks like Emma is really going to have her hands full when "Once Upon a Time" will return to ABC sometime in the fall. No premiere date has been released yet.

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