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'Once Upon a Time' season 4 spoilers: Elsa and Rumple have a past

Georgina Haig
Photo by Don Arnold/Getty Images

It is almost time for season four of "Once Upon a Time" and viewers can't wait to see the "Frozen" characters joining the show. Everyone has been wondering just what will bring Elsa to Storybooke and now a new synopsis for the upcoming season is revealing a lot of spoilers. On Wednesday, TV Cheat Sheet went over some spoilers that are now coming out from ABC.

One thing that people have been wanting to know about is why Elsa is here. Nobody just shows up in Storybrooke. Viewers will get to see a lot of her past in flashbacks. One thing that will be shared is that she has a past with Rumple and it might be enough to make her come after him. He actually had her in prison at one point in time. Rumple will also be bonding with Henry some this season which is an interesting twist.

Viewers will also get to see Arendelle this season. You know that will be a gorgeous area on the show. It will be interesting to see how it looks when it is not in cartoon version. Elsa will not have a love connection in season four either. That doesn't mean that she won't be coming back for season five and have one then though. You never know what will end up happening.

Comic Book Resources shared a few more spoilers for "OUAT" season four. It looks like Regina is going to find her wicked mirror. The fact that she is bringing it out could never be a good thing. It will probably be used for evil. She says that someone is standing in her way to happiness.

"Once Upon a Time" season four will start airing on September 28 on ABC. That means there is only about one month left to get caught up if you are behind and don't want to miss the "Frozen" characters on this upcoming season. This should be an amazing season four on "OUAT."

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