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'Once Upon a Time' season 4: Relationship issues for several characters

Emilie de Ravin plays Belle on "Once Upon a Time"
Emilie de Ravin plays Belle on "Once Upon a Time"
Photo by Mike Windle

Fairy tale characters are supposed to have happy endings, so why do the ones on "Once Upon a Time" keep having issues? Fans thought that Rumple and Belle would be happy once they were married except for the fact that he was keeping a secret from her. It seems that Rumbelle will not be the only couple to have some issues to deal with. On Friday, Enstars reported that several characters will be having relationship complications.

Rumple and Belle married last season but it is only a matter of time before she finds out his secret about the dagger. Robert Carlyle, who plays Rumple on "OUAT" teased a while back that Rumbelle might be content in their marriage in the first episode, "but then that's it." A promo photo shows the couple looking at each other. Rumple seems to be explaining something to her while Belle does not look too happy.

Hook and Emma are one couple that fans are wondering about. Actor Colin O'Donoghue told TV Line that Hook wants the relationship to work and will try to make it happen. Viewers have noticed that Hook has never been a one-woman man, so what is it about Emma that draws the two together? The actor said that Hook and Emma are similar people, even though they have traveled different paths. They both have struggled with heartbreak and disappointment.

Not only will Hook be trying to develop his relationship with Emma in season 4, but also with Charming. O'Donoghue admitted that while it is better than before, it's not fully there yet.

Relationship issues on "Once Upon a Time" season 4 will not be limited to the romantic ones. Regina's heart was broken when Emma brought Robin Hood's wife from the past to the present. Henry will be dealing with choosing between the light and the dark. Also, Emma will be struggling with her feelings about her parents. They were not able to raise her so she missed out on all the love and attention they are giving to baby Neal.

Hopefully season 4 of "OUAT" will find a happy ending for at least one resident of Storybrooke. Fans will find out what happens with all the relationships when the fairy tale drama returns to ABC on Sept. 28.

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