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‘Once Upon A Time’ season 4: Hook’s new leather clothes and new hand

New banner ad for Season 4 of Once Upon a Time
New banner ad for Season 4 of Once Upon a Time
Photo by Once Upon a Time/Facebook

When we left Emma Swan and Captain Hook at the end of “Once Upon a Time” Season3, the couple finally become a couple and sealed the deal with a romantic kiss. Season 4 promises to let the destined lovebirds have their shot at a happily ever after. According to an Aug. 24 report by Inquistr, that new shot comes with a new wardrobe for Hook …and a new hand!

‘Once Upon A Time’ season 4: Hook’s new leather clothes and new hand
Photo by CaptainSwan/Twitter

We also hear through the grapevine that the old rivalry between Hook and Rumplestiltskin, aka Mr. Gold will flare up. It seems neither had forgotten the sins of the past and they will reportedly get a chance to square off during Season 4. Executive producer Adam Horowitz explained in a recent interview, “Hook and Rumplestiltskin have a very long history that is blood-riddled and difficult that has been put aside for a little while due to circumstance, but now that circumstances have changed, that past history is going to rear its head again.”

It all goes back to Captain Hook stealing Rumple’s wife, Milah. Rumple blames the pirate for destroying his life. Seeking revenge, Rumple killed Milah in front of Hook at the same time, taking the pirate’s hand. It seems Hook has never forgiven the Dark One either.

Complications for Captain Swan shippers could arise. Does Hook still carry feelings for Milah that could interfere with his feelings for Emma? And if he seeks revenge against Rumple, that could cause problems because after all the Dark One is Henry’s grandfather.

Colin O’Donoghue who plays Hook said in a recent interview, “They [Hook and Emma] definitely get on a lot better than when they first met, but it’d be hard to trust a pirate, based off all the legends and such. It’s up to Hook to gain and hold onto that trust.”

As for Rumple, we saw at the end of Season 3 that he is not as changed as he would have us believe. He lied to Belle about the dagger of the Dark One and turned around and married her based on that lie. He also lied about Zelena’s death and pretended not to be involved. So we know he is still capable of evil. Will that carry over to his plans for Hook?

Hook getting killed off seems unlikely what with him being such a fan favorite and all. Plus he’s got some snazzy new threads as you can see form the slideshow. Don’t worry. He’s still rocking the all-black look and the leather. He’s just shed the leather coat which we loved seeing him in. And be sure to check out the new hand seen in the photos. We can’t wait to hear how that gets explained.

Once Upon a Time” Season 4 will premiere on Sunday, Sept. 28 on ABC. Check back for more spoilers and updates.