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'Once Upon a Time' season 4: 'Beauty and the Beast' scene, a new knight?

Fans are anxious for the return of "Once Upon a Time." Some spoilers were revealed at the 2014 Comic-Con. Jennifer Morrison, Emilie de Ravin, Colin O'Donoghue and Robert Carlyle spoke with reporters about the show and their characters. One "OUAT" spoiler is an iconic "Beauty and the Beast" scene, according to an Aug. 10 report by Buddy TV.

Emilie de Ravin plays Belle on "Once Upon a Time"
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Rumple and Belle

The "Beauty and the Beast" reference is regarding Rumple and Belle, played by Carlyle and de Ravin respectively. In the "Once Upon a Time" season 4 premiere episode, titled "A Tale of Two Sisters," there is a honeymoon moment. Robert said it is very reminiscent of "Beauty and the Beast" with Emilie adding that it is an iconic moment. Carlyle said that Belle has tried to see through the monster to see the man that is behind it. She has come closer than anyone else in centuries. The actor also teased,

"I think this season will certainly stretch the relationship to its breaking point."

Emma and Hook

Right now Emma and Hook's relationship is a Facebook status: "complicated." Morrison said that Emma's struggles, internal conflict and fears will be revealed a few episodes in the new season. Fans will get to find out why she is fighting to let go. O'Donoghue explained that Hook gave up his ship for Emma. He is trying to be a man that he thinks would be worthy of her.

Other highlights from the interviews were Morrison saying that every character has grown over the past three years. They all have certainly been through a lot, especially Regina. Emma cares about Henry and all of the other residents of Storybrooke. This is going to have her fighting to keep Regina in a "lighter place" if possible.


Morrison and O'Donoghue are just as amazed as viewers at how much the "Frozen" characters resemble the ones in the Disney film. Fans certainly are excited to see Elsa, Anna and a few of the other characters in Storybrooke. E! Online reported that footage shown at Comic-Con revealed the sisters visiting the graves of their parents.

A new knight?

TV Line teased that "Once Upon a Time" season 4, episode 4 will have a new character. They are casting the role of an elderly, unflappable and grizzly knight. For many years the knight has been dedicated to serving a righteous cause. Some fans think it might be the White Knight from "Through the Looking-Glass." If so, it might set up the series to go to Wonderland for the second half of season 4, the Inquisitr speculated.

"Once Upon a Time" season 4 premieres on ABC on Sept. 28. What do you think will happen in Storybrooke?

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