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'Once Upon a Time' season 3B spoiler roundup

What will happen with the fairy tale characters when "Once Upon a Time" season 3 returns?
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Just a few more weeks and the mid-season premiere of "Once Upon a Time" will finally air. When the fairy tale series last aired, Rumple ended up killing Peter Pan and himself in an attempt to stop Pan's curse. But it didn't work and Storybrooke was disappearing with the characters going back to their original lands. Before the end, Regina ended up casting a spell on Emma and Henry to give them happy memories as if Emma had never given her son up for adoption. Since then and now there have been a lot of spoilers and on Feb. 17, WetPaint went over several things that fans can expect when the show returns on March 9.

Warning: If you do not want to know "Once Upon a Time" season 3 spoilers, then stop reading.

As for the setting of season 3, Neverland will not be included, but the co-creators have not ruled it out for future seasons. Fans will see Storybrooke, the Enchanted Forest, New York City and Oz.

How Storybrooke returns is unknown. The characters won't even be able to answer that question because they have no memory of the past year.


In New York, Emma will meet a mysterious stranger and many fans think that he will be her new love interest. Christopher Gorham of "Covert Affairs" has been cast, but his character has been kept under wraps.

Hook will try to get Emma to remember Storybrooke and the fairy tale characters, but it's not going to be easy. She will feel some sort of connection to him, though and one spoiler stated that she would even bail him out of jail.

Eventually she must either remember or realize that Hook isn't just some crazy guy that is obsessed with her. At one point in a promo, she says,

"It's not possible."

When she says that, she has a look on her face as if she has just witnessed something amazing, perhaps some sort of magic right before her eyes. Eventually, she, Henry and Hook hop into her car and drive away. Fans are speculating that they are headed towards Storybrooke and they are right. A promo shows Regina talking to Snow and Emma.

Also, Emma, Charming, Hook and Regina will team up to find the Wicked Witch. They end up opening up a trap door and Emma is carrying a gun.

The Wicked Witch

A new villain will be introduced. She is the Wicked Witch and will be played by Rebecca Mader. She seems to have some sort of beef with the Evil Queen and Edward Kitsis teased the upcoming interaction between the Regina and the Wicked Witch by saying,

"We're setting up the fight of all fights: Evil Queen versus Wicked Witch!"

Also, it turns out that the Wicked Witch has a connection with not one, but two characters. Viewers will find out what caused her to turn green, who the Wicked Witch's parents are and her backstory, which are all important to the story in some way. Her name was just revealed and it is Zelena, which is not one from "The Wizard of Oz" film or books.

A promo clip shows the Wicked Witch giving someone a potion, but that someone (or something) has hairy hands. WetPaint wonders if she is handing it to one of the flying monkeys, who could be wrecking havoc on Storybrooke on her behalf.


The Wicked Witch isn't the only one who is using magic. Fans will see Regina using her magic as Charming, Snow and the others watch.

Glinda, the Good Witch

To balance out evil, the Wicked Witch's opposite, Glinda, the Good Witch will also be introduced. Very little is known about her character and it was only recently announced that Sunny Mabrey had been cast to play the part.

Snow's pregnancy

Snow is pregnant (just like the actress who plays her, Ginnifer Goodwin.) While it was first thought that "Once Upon a Time" wrote her pregnancy in, the co-creators recently stated that they already had that in the storyline. Adam Horowitz did tease that having a child tends to attract chaos, that that is something for fans to look forward to.

Prince Charming and Rapunzel

Prince Charming will pass out and a hooded figure approaches him from behind. Speaking of hooded figures, a spoiler recently stated that one would be present at Rapunzel's tower along with Charming. But don't expect Rapunzel (Alexandra Metz) to be like she was in the storybooks you read as a child. Co-creator Edward Kitsis told the TV Guide,

“We went a little darker and freakier. A little more horror story in the vein of [the 2004 movie] The Grudge.”

Regina and Robin Hood

Regina and Robin Hood are going to meet up again in the Enchanted Forest. This will happen on episode 13 and will meet under "interesting circumstances."


Fans are divided on whether Rumple will be back or not. The co-creators have stated that the deaths were real deaths and that they cannot be reversed, but actor Robert Carlyle's picture was included in the promo photos. It seems likely that he will be appearing in flashbacks.

A major character death

A major character will die and fans are wondering if it could be Hook since he will be getting into a battle with Blackbeard. While there are a lot of other guesses on who could bite the dust, the co-creators have said that the only one who is safe from dying is Rumple, since he is already gone.

Flying monkeys

In a promo clip there are flying monkeys. Snow and Regina look up towards the sky and look frightened. Then one of the flying monkeys swoops in Storybrooke and grabs someone that was near the town line.

A wedding

There is word that there is going to be a wedding on the "Once Upon a Time" season finale and viewers are having fun speculating on who would tie the knot.

New and returning faces

Also expect some characters to return such as Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, Princess Aurora and International Business Times speculated that Tinkerbell may even come back. In addition to the new characters discussed above, fans will also meet Lumiere, a young Eva and Prince Leopold.

"Once Upon a Time" season 3 will return on March 9.

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