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'Once Upon a Time" season 3 spoilers: Who cursed Storybrooke back into existence

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Fans are impatiently waiting for the return of "Once Upon a Time" and with it comes a lot of spoilers and speculation while we wait. On Feb. 12 Wetpaint shares speculations and spoilers about who put Storybrooke back on the map. When Regina undid the curse to save everyone from Peter Pan's curse, part of the deal was that Storybrooke would disappear forever when she did it. From previews of the upcoming return of the show, we know that Storybrooke is back on the map, but who put it back in existence?

  • The Wicked Witch - Fans already know that the Wicked Witch is somehow connected to someone else from Fairytale Land. What we don't know is who it is, why she's there, or what she wants. It seems to be the most likely that she was the one that brought back the town and made everyone forget their year in Fairytale Land.
  • Regina - Now that Regina had finally started getting in good with her extended "Charming" family, it's possible that she would do anything to see Henry once again and if that meant coming back to Storybrooke, she would likely do it.
  • Rumpelstiltskin - Fans saw Rumple die in the mid-season finale in order to save everyone else. Could he have helped the Wicked Witch in order to bring himself back to Neal and Belle? There have been photos from filming that have leaked that show that he will be back, but could it simply be flashback sequences?
  • The Blue Fairy - Now that fans have seen Blue resurrect from the dead, it's quite obvious that she's powerful but what exactly is it that she wants? She could simply be an awesome good power, but she hasn't really laid all her cards on the table so she could have some tricks up her sleeve that we're not sure of.

Which do you think is the likeliest culprit in bringing back Storybrooke?