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'Once Upon a Time' season 3 spoilers: Did Storybrooke survive the curse?

It appears that Storybrooke survived Regina's curse.
It appears that Storybrooke survived Regina's curse.
Nicole Ramage

Many "Once Upon a Time" fans were sad to see Storybrooke disappear when Regina reversed the curse so that Pan couldn't take control of the town. On Jan. 6 IBTimes shares new spoilers, and a trailer put on Youtube that suggests that Storybrooke didn't disappear as Regina thought it would.

In the video, The Wicked Witch of the West, played by Rebecca Mader, saunters past the Storybrooke town limit sign, suggesting that Storybrooke is still standing. In another trailer shared in the same post, a hospital scene alludes to the fact that Storybrooke hospital is alive and thriving. This has many fans confused because Storybrooke was the town that nobody could get into unless you were a storybook character and cursed to be there. Everyone that was in Storybrooke was sent back to the Enchanted Forest or Neverland, however, it appears that not everyone was touched by the curse. Captain Hook still has his memory of who he is. Could it be that Emma and Neal's kiss before she and Henry left for New York broke the curse? That's what many fans are thinking, but nobody is quite sure what is happening and won't until the show starts up again in the spring.

Many aren't happy about how long the winter hiatus is lasting, but they are excited that the show will be back March 9. What are your predictions for "Once Upon a Time" season 3 return? Many are suggesting that Regina and the Wicked Witch might be sisters! What do you think?