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‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3 spoiler roundup Regina, Robin Hood, Glinda, more

‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3 spoiler roundup Regina, Robin Hood, Glinda, more
‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3 spoiler roundup Regina, Robin Hood, Glinda, more
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There is still a month before “Once Upon a Time” returns but we’ve got a spoiler roundup for the second half of season 3 like no other. Curious about Regina and Robin Hood, Glinda, the Good Witch and what will be happening with the whole crew? We have the scoop from the producers and other sources like Wetpaint, TV Guide and Zap 2 It on Feb. 6. There are a lot of spoilers ahead so read on at your own risk.

Regina and Robin Hood

There have been rumblings about Regina and a love story involving Robin Hood. We know Tinkerbell identified the famed archer as Regina’s greatest love earlier in the season so just when will they meet and how? The meeting takes place in episode 14, titled “Witch Hunt” which will air on Mach 16. Executive producer Edward Kitsis teased that the pair will "meet under interesting circumstances — heightened, intense circumstances — as one does on our show.”

Glinda the Good Witch

We already know about Wicked Witch of the West who will be played by "Lost" alum Rebecca Mader. According to a post on Zap 2 It, the show is now casting for Glinda, the Good Witch. The casting call is looking for someone in her mid-to late 20s and describes “Glinda as elegant, warm and benevolent, as well as wise, clever and shrewd, but years of isolation have left her lonely and cautious -- though her heart is still filled with optimism.

Producer Spoilers

In a Q&A with TV Guide Kitsis and co-creator Adam Horowitz answered fan questions gleaned from Twitter. Here are the highlights:

Will we learn why Hook and Neal went back to Fairy Tale Land even though they weren’t part of the curse?

Horowitz replied anyone not from here went back while Kitsis clarified that Emma was an exception because she was the savior.

Will the gift Regina gave to Emma and Henry have consequences when it comes to their relationship?

Horowitz and Kitsis both answered yes.

Will the deaths that occurred in Storybrooke be reversed since Regina reversed the curse?

Kitsis said no but Horowitz expounded, “Everything that happened in those three years actually happened. It's not that anything was undone. All the events of the time in Storybrooke are real and occurred and affected the characters. The only difference is that Emma doesn't have memories of it.”

Kitsis added that people are wondering if Jamie Dornan’s character of The Huntsmen will be alive. Dornan is currently filming a movie but the producers would love to have him back.

Does Emma get to have a friend who isn't her mom?

Kitsis said yes and that “In a lot of ways, I might say that Hook has become a friend that isn't her mom.”

Will fans get to see moments with Hook dealing with the modern world? Horowitz says yes.

Snow White and Prince Charming are expecting a child and fans asked if that child might have magical powers. Kitsis responded with “Can’t say.”

Are we done with Neverland?

Horowitz says we are, for this year.

Then will fans ever learn what deal Hook made with Peter Pan in order to leave Neverland? Not this year, said Kitsis.

Will we get to see Oz?

A resounding yes from both producers.

On the subject of the Wicked Witch, will fans find out who her parents are and if she’s related to any of show’s characters?

Kitsis says we will ‘absolutely’ find out who her parents are but wouldn’t answer about any relatives. Horowitz added that other characters have a history with the green one, too.

The producers wouldn’t reveal whether or not we will learn who Emma’s true love by the end of season 3.

Belle’s life before Rumple will be explored at some point, possibly with a young Belle, but not this season. We will see her and Neal bond over their shared losses, however, according to Kitsis.

Snow White’s heart probably still has a dark spot. And as for whether the fairy tale book Mary Margaret gave to Henry simply appeared when he started asking questions, the producers would only say, “That's a tricky one. It's not a yes, no or can't answer.”

And the million dollar question - Is the character who dies male?

Horowitz responded, “Can't say.” Kitsis teased, “We’re not telling. You're just going to have to watch!”

Things we won’t see this season according to Kitsis and Horowitz

No plans for Ursula to come back this season.

Maleficent will not appear in a flashback but may in some other way. There will be more on Aurora’s past.

We won’t see the “Frozen” characters this season or a young Emma.

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