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'Once Upon a Time' season 3: Is there a loophole to Peter Pan's curse?

Lara Parrilla plays Regina on "Once Upon a Time"
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Fans of "Once Upon a Time" have to wait until March before their favorite fairy tale characters return to the screen and there are a lot of questions that hopefully will have answers. There is also the question of what will happen with Storybrooke's newest villain, The Wicked Witch. But the biggest question is what happens now that Peter Pan's curse has wiped Storybrooke off the map. Could there be a loophole or will the story continue in another place? On Jan. 6, International Business Times revealed some information about Storybrooke and the characters of the show.

Warning: If you do not want to know "Once Upon a Time" season 3 spoilers, then stop reading.

As most fans know, The Wicked Witch will be the newest villain, but it is unclear why she is headed to Storybrooke and what she wants. For those who thought Storybrooke was really gone, a promo shows the green-colored witch walking down a dark highway and on the side of the road is the sign "Storybrooke." If that isn't enough proof, then watch the promo that shows someone being rushed into the emergency room of Storybrooke's hospital and a doctor that resembles Frankenstein attending to him. As Regina has said several times before about other situations, there seems to be a loophole.

Going backwards a bit, when "OUaT" returns, Emma and Henry don't remember Storybrooke and Regina's spell to alter their memories worked. Then strange things started to happen like Hook arriving on Emma's doorstep, telling her that her family is in danger and then firmly plants a big kiss on her lips. Of course that doesn't jog her memory, it just gets him assaulted and has a door slammed in his face. But he isn't going to stop trying and while Emma doesn't know who he is, she does feel a connection to him. When he gets arrested, she ends up bailing him out of jail. Another promo shows her holding something in her hand and she says that it isn't possible. That certainly sounds like she has witnessed something magical. Eventually she, Henry and Hook pack up her car and go on a road trip, but it is unknown if it is to Storybrooke or if they will go right to Oz.

Fans will also learn the story of Peter Pan, which could mean that he and his son, Rumple, are still alive. Either that or they will be brought back to life. Perhaps the loophole that reverses the curse that wiped Storybrooke off the map will be the reason why. This would also explain comments from Robbie Kay during interviews that his and Rumple's relationship would be explored.

"Once Upon a Time" season 3 returns on March 9.

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