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'Once Upon a Time' season 3, episode 17: Promo for 'The Jolly Roger'

Colin O'Donoghue plays Hook on "Once Upon a Time"
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

The next episode of "OUAT" is titled "The Jolly Roger" and there is already a promo clip that has been released. On April 6, WetPaint revealed some small spoilers for "Once Upon a Time" season 3, episode 17, which featured Hook.

Warning: If you do not want to know "Once Upon a Time" season 3, episode 17 spoilers, then stop reading.

The last episode of "OUAT" was intense and Zelena, the Wicked Witch, is not done causing problems. According to the promo clip, it looks like there is someone else who is angry and wants payback. This second character, though, isn't interested in Regina, but is angry at Hook.

The promo for "The Jolly Roger" shows Hook fighting Blackbeard, but he isn't Hook's only problem. Ariel appears in this episode and vows to make Hook pay for something that he has done.

The Wicked Witch will also be making an appearance and at the end of the promo clip, she shows up to inform him that he is "out of his depth." Hook is then thrown to the ground and from the look on his face, he seems to be very worried.

"Once Upon a Time" season 3, episode 17, titled "The Jolly Roger" will air on April 13.

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