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'Once Upon a Time' season 3, episode 12 spoiler roundup

Jennifer Morrison plays Emma on "Once Upon a Time"
Photo by David Buchan/Getty Images

The mid-season premiere of "Once Upon a Time" season 3 will be airing tonight after a long hiatus. Viewers are looking forward to seeing their favorite fairy tale characters. On March 7, WetPaint revealed what fans can expect on "OUAT" 3x12, titled "New York City Serenade."

Warning: If you do not want to know "Once Upon a Time" season 3, episode 12 spoilers, then stop reading.

The official synopsis reads,

"All is not well back in the Enchanted Forest when Hook comes calling on Emma in New York City in an attempt to jog her memory so that she can once again help her fairy tale family and friends out of a desperate situation. Everyone she holds dear is in danger as a new foe emerges — the Wicked Witch of the West."

Emma's new love interest

Emma and Henry are in New York City and she has a new love interest named Walsh. While Emma thinks he is a good guy, there is much more under the surface. Co-creator Edward Kitsis told that fans will be surprised by the character of Walsh (Christopher Gorham) because their are some twists involved with him. Jennifer Morrison spoke about her character's love interest also and said that the two are serious and thinks he would make a good father figure for Henry. However, once she remembers and has to help her family, romances are put on hold.

Emma's memories

Hook is going to try to get Emma to remember and she will feel a connection to him even though she cannot remember him due to Regina's spell. One spoiler teased that she will even bail him out of jail. In an attempt to jog Emma's memories, Hook sends her to Neal's apartment where she finds a camera with Henry's name on the strap. Hook explains that Henry must have left it there when they were in New York the previous year. He ends up handing her a blue potion and tells her if she drinks it, she will remember. Reports state that she will remember Storybrooke, but Henry will have a more difficult time with it.

Zelena, the Wicked Witch

None of the fairy tale characters know how they ended up back in Storybrooke or what has happened during the past year. There is a new curse and someone in town is responsible. All the clues point to Zelena, the Wicked Witch. Teasers have said that what makes Zelena so dangerous is that her intentions are very unclear. However, during "Once Upon a Time" season 3, fans will find out what turned her green, who her parents are and which characters she is connected to. While viewers know she has a beef with Regina, there is at least one other character that she has connections with.

"Once Upon a Time" season 3, episode 12 airs on March 9.

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