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‘Once Upon a Time's’ Rebecca Mader on the Evil vs. Wicked showdown

Henry, Emma and Hook attend Neal's funeral
Henry, Emma and Hook attend Neal's funeral
Photo by ABC Promotional

ABC is billing this Sunday’s episode of “Once Upon a Time as the epic showdown between Evil and Wicked and Wicked Witch actress Rebecca Nader has some thoughts on the matter. In an April 4 report on TV Guide, the actress dishes on the confrontation between the Evil Queen/Regina (Lana Parilla) and the Wicked Witch/Zelena.

Zelena lifts Regina with magic on 'Once Upona Time'
Photos by ABC Promotional

Storybrooke has learned the identity of the Wicked Witch and it is none other than the demure and helpful midwife, Zelena. Now the witch and the formerly Evil Queen are going to face off old west style in the town square at sundown.

Mader says of the confrontation between the two sisters:

"It's pretty epic. It's definitely the showdown of all showdowns. I couldn't believe it. They basically shot it like a cowboy western. The promo is so fitting. It was a really big night and a big shoot. It's all built to this moment of who's going to win: Wicked vs. Evil. It's a pretty exciting moment in Sunday night's episode."

Now that she’s exposed, is the showdown a change from her original game plan? Mader says Zelena is fearless because she’s in control of The Dark One. "She's very set on her end game. She feels very in control of her mission. If you control the dagger, you have nothing to fear."

But speaking of fear, fans of the Rumplestiltskin-Belle ‘ship were panicked when a photo of Zelena kissing Rumple hit the Internet. "That was just in between takes, just hanging out," Mader jokes. "I didn't know that photo was coming out. I saw everyone screaming at me on Twitter. Any fans of Belle [Emilie de Ravin] and Rumple are like, 'What are you doing?!' I'm just not responding because there's nothing I can say other than you'll have to tune in to [the April 20 episode] for that one."

Sunday’s episode is also going to reveal Zelena’s backstory. Fans will learn, among other things, why she’s after Snow’s baby and what it has to do with her plans for Regina. We will also visit Oz and see Zelena before she became green and wicked. Mader says it’s more a situation where Zelena feels wronged and she’s angry about it. It will explain why she’s so mean, what she wants and the plans she has for how it should all come to pass. Many aspects of her heart and her personality will be revealed.

Will Oz be what fans of the L. Frank Baum story are expecting? Probably not. There will be nods to it but as can be expected from the writers, it’s got its own, unique “Once Upon a Time” story spin to it.

Regardless of how things play out during "It's Not Easy Being Green," Mader says she has enjoyed the role in spite of the hours it takes to achieve the shiny green look with makeup. Though the makeup artists have it down to about an hour now, the cleanup is grueling.

"It's Not Easy Being Green" airs Sunday, April 6 on ABC when “Once Upon a Time” airs at 7 p.m. Check out the slideshow for images from the episode.

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