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'Once Upon A Time's' Meghan Ory and ‘Lost’s’ Josh Holloway star in 'Intelligence

Intelligence, Meghan Ory, Josh Holloway, Once Upon a Time, Lost
Photo by Jason Merritt

Meghan Ory talked with the Toronto Sun recently about her role in the CBS sci-fi series “Intelligence” alongside “Lost” alum Josh Holloway. In a Jan.5 report Ory asked what it might feel like to learn that someone you’re talking to has a computer chip in his head that lets him know everything about your life while he’s standing there talking to you. Sound interesting? We think so too.

Holloway who fans will remember as the sometimes bad guy, sometimes good guy James ‘Sawyer’ Ford from ABC’s “Lost” will play Gabriel Black on “Intelligence.” He’s a high-tech agent who’s had a super-computer microchip embedded in his brain. It allows him to connect to the Internet instantaneously. Ory describes it as him having access to anything with an electronic signature.

She will be playing a secret service agent named Riley who has been assigned to protect him. When they meet, Gabriel sees a stream of photos and videos about her that he accesses through places like Facebook and Twitter, anywhere that electronic files on her have been stored.

Ory, who “Once Upon a Time” fans will recognize from her role as Ruby/Red Riding Hood, says Gabriel is super-WiFi.

Riley is like the viewer’s eye into this unusual world. The other characters on the show have been working with Gabriel for a while and know how he works. Riley is coming in fresh and is trying to figure things out as she goes.

She also hints that because the two characters spend a lot of time together, they sometimes butt heads and that is possibly going to lead to tension of the sexual kind. Sounds promising. The first episode airs Tuesday, Jan. 7 on CBS.

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