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'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Why Zelena turned green and her witchy plan for Regina

Fans of "Once Upon A Time In Wonderland" watched Sunday night expecting to find out exactly why the Wicked Witch Zelena turned green. The show did not disappoint as this week's episode “It's Not Easy Being Green” delved deep into the past of the evil witch. On Monday morning E! Online offered details of Sunday's "Once Upon A Time In Wonderland" and the backstory of Zelena and her ghoulish green skin.

Zelena turns green

It was fascinating to see this week's predictions come true that jealousy and envy are exactly what turned Zelena green. In her past life, Zelena wanted to be the royalty that Regina is destined to be. As the sisters grew up, Zelena became more and more obsessed with Regina as competition. Zelena challenged Regina in a fight to the death just as was predicted. Zelena does not play nice, she threatens to unleash the Dark One on anyone that upsets her. The plot twist came when Regina smartly outwitted Zelena by removing her own heart and placing it in safe keeping with Robin Hood. Just as Zelena attempts to stab Regina to death, she turns green. The hatred had come full circle.

Now fans are torn because the revelation of Zelena and Regina's sisterhood to the Evil Queen throws a curve ball into the plot line and Zelena's plan to turn back time and prevent the birth of Regina may cause all of Storybrooke to be turned insidZelenaise out. not kidding around that she wants the heart of Regina.

"Once Upon A Time In Wonderland" airs on Sundays, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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