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‘Once Upon A Time’ recap of ‘It Isn’t Easy Being Green’; the showdown isn’t over

Rumple teaches Zelena magic
Rumple teaches Zelena magic
Photos by ABC

Episode 3X16, ‘It Isn’t Easy Being Green’ aired on Sunday, April 6 on “Once Upon a Time” and delivered the Evil versus wicked showdown ABC promised. The Wall Street Journal shared a recap on April 6.

In Fairy Tale Land

Zelena was dropped by a cyclone just outside of Oz where she was found by a couple, adopted and named Zelena. Later, as an adult, Zelena shaves her father’s beard. She nicks him and then tries to fix it with magic. Her father lashes out at her and tells her she is adopted. He blames her for his life of drunkenness. She leaves to seek the Wizard of Oz so he can help her find a family that wants her.

Zelena enters the palace and hears the voice of Oz, his silhouette visible behind a curtain. He will show her family but warns it won’t be easy. She learns Cora gave her up because her birth wouldn’t lead Cora to becoming royalty. She sees that Rumplestiltskin is teaching Regina magic. Zelena wants to learn magic. The wizard gives her magic slippers that take her to Fairy Tale Land. In return she is to deliver something of Rumplestiltskin’s to the wizard. Once in Regina’s castle, Zelena meets Rumple. He plucks one of hairs and tests it to verify she is Cora’s daughter.

After agreeing to train her, Rumple blindfolds her and makes her expose her fears to put her in touch with her ability to control her power. They talk about their pasts as abandoned children. She says she lost her fear when he agreed to be her teacher.

When Zelena learns Rumple is still teaching Regina, she becomes infuriated. Her skin begins to glow green as her jealousy grows. He warns her it will only get worse if she doesn’t get her jealousy under control.

Zelena sneaks into Regina’s room and tries to kill her. Rumple saves her and tells Zelena that he is going to use Regina to cast his curse. Zelena is devastated. She tells him about her magic shoes and promises the next time they meet, he will choose her. The green skin tone begins to spread.

She returns to Oz and asks to be returned to the past so she can make her mother keep her. He laughs at her, she uncovers his disguise and it’s Walsh. She turns him into a flying monkey. As she watches the past through the wizard’s magical floor, she turns completely green and promises when she’s finished, Regina will never have been born.

In Storybrooke

Storybrooke attends the funeral of Neal, Hook places the first spadeful of dirt on his coffin, then Charming, then Regina, followed by Belle and Henry. Henry knows the man was his father but has no memories of him, tragic. Then Emma puts her spadeful of dirt on the grave.

At Granny’s diner during the wake, Hook tries to convince Emma not to seek vengeance. She promised she would find the person responsible and she’s worried about Henry. Hook offers to talk to him about what Bae was like as a boy and to protect him.

Tinker Bell tries to push Regina towards Robin Hood but she still keeps him at a distance. Zelena shows up for the wake and informs her in front of the townspeople that Regina is her little sister. She tells Regina to look into their past and then to meet her on Main Street at sundown so she can destroy her.

Meanwhile Rumple grieves while Zelena taunts him over the wasted years Rumple spent looking for him only to lose him again.

Regina searches her mother’s things and finds a letter. Though she doesn’t tell Emma and Mary Margaret what it says specifically, she says it confirms Zelena is her sister.

Regina heads to the woods where she runs into Robin again. He is patrolling the woods to watch out for Zelena. He sees her reading the letter and asks if she wants to talk about it. He reads it out loud. It was from Rumple and it said he’d found Cora’s first born, that the child is the most powerful he’d ever met. Regina had always thought the letter was about her. Now she knows she can’t beat Zelena.

Belle goes to see Rumple in his cage. He warns her to leave because Zelena controls him and could make him hurt her. Belle frees him but before they can leave, Zelena appears. Belle runs outside where Emma and Charming are waiting. Rumple steps outside and delivers a message from Zelena. She will face Regina without interference. The next time they interfere, he will kill them.

Hook teaches Henry to measure the stars with a sextant like he did. As he talks, Henry questions how Hook could have known him as a boy if they are about the same age. He then tells him how he took him to sea to help him get over the loss of his own father, just like Henry. Meanwhile Zelena dresses for battle.

Zelena meets the townspeople on the street but Regina is missing. She threatens to turn The Dark One loose if Regina isn’t there in 5 minutes. Emma steps up but Zelena hurls her across the pavement. Regina shows up, there are words and Regina slaps Zelena. Zelena promises Rumplestiltskin won’t save her this time.

Zelena flings Regina through the clock tower and then follows her. She doesn’t want to kill her, only destroy her. Zelena wants her heart but Regina doesn’t have it with her. Zelena is furious, threatens to get her heart and everything else Regina has and then flies off on her broom. Emma and Charming rush in. Rumple disappeared so they hoped it meant Regina had won. She says not yet.

Then they try to figure out why she wants Regina’s heart. She already has Charming’s courage. They believe she is concocting a spell.

Regina returns to the woods where she left Robin guarding her heart. She asks him to watch over it a bit longer. Emma thanks Hook for sending time with Henry. He advises here to tell Henry the truth but she doesn’t acknowledge it yet.

Zelena returns to Rumple’s cage and says she will find Regina’s heart. She says she won’t be casting a curse but a second chance.

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