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‘Once Upon A Time’ recap 3x20 ‘Kansas’: Does the Wicked Witch really die?

‘Once Upon A Time’ recap 3x20 ‘Kansas’: Does the Wicked Witch really die?
‘Once Upon A Time’ recap 3x20 ‘Kansas’: Does the Wicked Witch really die?
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Kansas” opens right where we left off on “Once Upon a Time,” with Mary Margaret in labor. As David rushes her to the hospital, Zelena is finalizing her own plans and everyone else is getting busy trying to prevent Zelena from getting the Charmings’ baby. Hollywood Life claimed on May 4 that someone dies as well.

In Storybrooke

While Mary Margaret is in the throes of the seemingly worst labor ever, Zelena makes a cast of Rumple’s brain using the gold he spun at his spinning wheel – the one thing that clears his mind. Now all she needs is that baby and her plan to go back in time can be set in motion.

Emma decides not to wait for Zelena but to take the fight to her. She and Hook set out for the witch’s house. When they arrive, they are greeted by Zelena and Rumple. In order to make sure Emma is unable to stop her, Zelena orders Rumple to drown Hook in a nearby well. When he unconscious, they leave and Emma is forced to give him mouth-to-mouth in order to save him - what a sacrifice! Her white magic is immediately dispersed and Hook is saved.

Zelena blows past Robin Hood and his Merry Men when she and Rumple arrive at the hospital. Belle tries to turn Rumple but he is unable to refuse Zelena. Mary Margaret holds her new baby and in a flash, Zelena snatches him and leaves. She places the baby in the barn where she has the spell for time travel set up.

David sets out to retrieve his son. Emma and Hook arrive at the hospital as Regina is trying to talk him out of it. They learn Emma has lost her powers but Henry says Regina has white magic, too. He reminds her of all the heroic things she’s done and of how she’s changed. Robin agrees. So the five heroes set out for Zelena’s place.

Zelena’s spell is underway as Regina and company arrive. Zelena and Rumple quickly thwart their efforts but Regina summons her white magic and stops Zelena before she can complete the spell. Regina snatches the witch’s pendant, leaving her powerless. Rumple plans to kill her in revenge for Neal’s death but Regina stops him by picking up the Dark One’s dagger and ordering him not to.

Zelena is hauled off to jail where Regina visits her. She suggests Zelena can either change her path or Regina will yank out her heart and crush it. Regina understands the pain Cora inflicted on them both but she believes Zelena deserves a second chance.

Rumple returns to his shop where he proposes to Belle and entrusts his dagger to her as a show of trust. She returns it to him after he promises he will not kill Zelena. Then he pays Zelena a visit in her cell where he promptly stabs her with the dagger. It seems he gave Belle a fake dagger and he has the real one. Zelena turns to glass and then shatters on the cell floor.

Emma tells Hook she doesn’t regret losing her powers because she won’t need them in New York. He looks devastated that she is leaving. Meanwhile a wisp of green smoke escapes Regina’s vault where she stored Zelena’s pendant. It snakes its way to Zelena’s barn and enters the diagram on the floor, opening a portal.

In Fairy Tale Land

Zelena watches through a magic mirror as her sister practices magic taught to her by Rumplestiltskin. Glinda appears to thank Zelena for unmasking the Wizard and revealing his true charlatan nature to the people of Oz. She invites her to meet her sister witches and join their circle in fulfillment of a prophecy. Zelena is given the West. The other three are taken up and represent love, wisdom and courage. Zelena’s power will represent hope if she will only let go of her past.

Glinda also serves as keeper of the Book of Records, which foretold that a powerful sorceress would arrive, via cyclone, to round out their table. Glinda gives Zelena a pendant that will store and harness her power. She tells Zelena they do have the power to travel back in time but the future is more important. Zelena agrees to join them and lets go of her jealous obsession with Regina.

A cyclone appears and Glinda and Zelena go to see what it has brought. They find a demolished house and young girl trapped inside. Once out, she introduces herself as Dorothy Gale from Kansas. Glinda invites her to join the other witches and Zelena grows increasingly jealous of Dorothy.

When Zelena disappears, Glinda searches for her. She finds her at the wishing well with the Book of Records. Zelena has learned that another sorceress will arrive to defeat the powerful one. She believes it is Dorothy. Glinda tries to explain that only she can control her own destiny.

Her natural predisposition takes over and Zelena confronts Dorothy at the well. She hurls a ball of fire at the girl who reacts by throwing a bucket of water at the witch. Zelena melts, leaving only her clothing behind.

At Dorothy’s request, Glinda takes her to the Wizard so she can go home to Kansas. Once gone, the curtain reveals that the Wizard is actually Zelena. She has gotten rid of her nemesis, Dorothy and now she banishes Glinda to the North.

Next week, “Once Upon a Time” will air a 2 back-to-back episodes, 3x21 and #x22 titled “Snow Drifts” and “There’s No Place Like Home” respectively. It looks as if the finale will end with Emma traveling to a new world.

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