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'Once Upon a Time': Rebecca Mader talks about Zelena's redemption

Rebecca Mader thinks Zelena can be redeemed on 'Once Upon a Time'
Photo by Frazer Harrison

"Once Upon a Time" does such a great job of casting villains that Oncers often don't want to see them go. Robbie Kay fans probably still hope that Peter Pan will be resurrected someday, and most Oncers seem to be pretty relieved that Rumple is still alive. But what does the future hold for Rebecca Mader's green-skinned baddie? Will Dorothy turn her into a puddle, or will Regina convince her that fighting alongside the good guys isn't so bad?

According to an April 25 report by Buddy TV, Rebecca Mader believes that Zelena can change. During an appearance at Wondercon, the actress talked about her hopes for the Wicked Witch, and it sounds like she's really rooting for Zelena to win. However, she thinks her victory should come in the form of a redemption story, not the successful casting of her time travel spell.

When Mader was asked if she thinks that Zelena can find peace, she responded, "I hope so. Rumple said that villains don't get a happy ending, but that's really depressing." She pointed out that "Once Upon a Time" fans started to relate to Regina and Rumple after hearing their backstories. Now that fans know that Regina and Rumple have reasons for behaving badly, they're rooting for the former villains to find their happily ever afters. Mader thinks that the same thing can happen for Zelena. "You don't want someone to be in perpetual purgatory or hell," she said. Regina also doesn't have any other family left, so it would be good for her to bond with her newly-discovered sibling.

The "Once" producers should definitely listen to Rebecca Mader's plea for a redemption story. Mader interacts with the fans on Twitter quite a bit, and she gushed about how much she loves "hanging out" with them online. It has to be really hard for a show to ever let go of a star who keeps fans interested by making them feel more involved. You can also tell that Mader genuinely loves her deliciously wicked character.

But if Zelena does get redeemed, which big bad should swoop in and take her place? The Wizard of Oz is already gone, so he's not a possibility. Perhaps "Once Upon a Time" should really throw fans for a loop by turning Glinda the Good into a force of evil. Sunny Mabry is set to star as Glinda in this Sunday's episode of the show, and she says that she's powerless to help Charmings & Co. stop the Wicked Witch. But is she really powerless, or is she lying because she has her own nefarious plans? Matreya Scarrwener is also set to play Dorothy in a future episode, so it will be interesting to see how she plays into the Oz storyline.

Speaking of Oz, Rebecca Mader said that fans will feel like the show becomes "Once Upon a Time in Oz" during future episodes. We don't see much of Oz in the latest preview for the show, but we do get to see Zelena trying to kill Henry while Regina and Emma watch helplessly. Do you think that Zelena should get a chance at redemption after trying to take away what Regina and Emma have been working so hard to protect?

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