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'Once Upon A Time' producers wanted ’50 Shades’ Jamie Dornan for Season 3

'Once Upon A Time' producers wanted ’50 Shades’ Jamie Dornan for Season 3
Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images

The producers of ABC’s "Once Upon a Time" had hoped to bring “50 Shades of Gray” actor Jamie Dornan back for guest role during season 3. Conflicting filming schedules kept that from happening, according to a Feb. 18 post on Yahoo News.

Dornan had played the role of Sheriff Graham, aka The Huntsman in seasons 1 and 2 before being killed off. He was a recurring cast member in season 1 and came back for a single episode, “Welcome to Storybrooke” in season 2. The producers had hoped he could rejoin the cast for season 3. “50 Shades of Gray” was being filmed in Vancouver where “Once Upon A Time” also shoots so hopes were high something could be worked out.

Unfortunately, Dornan’s commitments to playing Christian Gray for ’50 Shades’ was followed immediately with a commitment to work on the BBC Two’s “The Fall,” leaving no time for a stop in Storybrooke or anywhere else.

Executive producer Edward Kitsis said, "He's a friend of ours, he's a friend of the show and unfortunately, this year, he goes right from the movie to 'The Fall,' so there was no - because they were shooting ['Fifty Shades'] in Vancouver, we were hoping to..."

Fellow executive producer Adam Horowitz added, "And it's funny... his part was always conceived as that seven episode arc in the first season... with the hope we could bring him back here and there as we've done."

When the showrunners were asked how Dornan’s character would have fit into the show’s current plot lines, they refrained from answering.

"Ask us that after the finale," Kitsis said. "And then we will tell you exactly what we wanted to do and then you will be so bummed that we didn't get to do it, and then you will have the same look on your face that I do right now, which is sadness."

They added that they miss him terribly and are happy for his success. They would welcome him back if ever he had time to come back.

"Once Upon a Time" returns on Sunday, March 9, on ABC.

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