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'Once Upon A Time' makes you want to believe in fairytales

'Once Upon A Time' I was a child and I loved nothing more than reading fairytales that took me to lands afar and made me believe in Princes and evil Queens and that good will always succeed above evil. The happy endings were something I took for granted and then I grew up.

And the books that I read and the movies that I saw didn't always have a happy ending and the harsh realities of the real world came crashing down. But ABC has done something to adults that has transformed the stark disbelief in dreams coming true: that miracle is a show by the name of 'Once Upon A Time'.

As adults guess who Henry's father is, and if the evil Queen really remembers who she is now she is in Storybrook, the underlying optimism is the same. No matter what happens from week to week, everyone who watches the show is hoping for and believing in the fact that good will overcome evil and that there will be a happy ending.

This absolute belief and trust in the writers of the show is showing that once again people are believing in fairytales and that they are excited and happy to do so. Hopefully ABC doesn't jump the tank and disappoint the loyal viewers who have turned this into the most popular new show this season on TV.

'Once Upon A Time' is on ABC on Sunday nights at 8pm EST.


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