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'Once Upon a Time': Jennifer Morrison talks about Emma and Regina

Jennifer Morrison plays Emma on "Once Upon a Time"
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly

On the "Once Upon a Time" season 3 finale, Emma made the mistake of bringing Marian back from the past with her. Thinking she was doing a good deed, it was finally revealed that Marian just wasn't any ordinary woman. She was in a romantic relationship with Robin Hood. Having the two reunite right in front of Regina was heartbreaking. So what will happen in season 4 between Emma and Regina? On May 14, Carter Matt posted some information on the dilemma between the characters.

Just as fans suspected, Emma would never intentionally do something to hurt Regina or anyone else. She sincerely thought she was doing a good thing. However, no matter how good her intentions were, Regina and Robin Hood are now in a complicated spot.

Morrison told TV Line that Emma wants Regina and Robin Hood to be together. But at the same time, she could not allow Marian to die. She did a good deed, but it is going to have terrible repercussions. Morrison also said that she thinks the dilemma is good for the show. She added,

"We should have conflict between Regina and Emma, because that’s where the show got its feet in the first place.”

Many fans are wondering why Regina was redeemed if her heart was going to be broken all over again. Co-creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis told TV Line that over the past few years Regina's character has grown, changed and evolved. Even though Marian appearing is a blow to her, Regina isn't going to go back to the way she was in the first season. Instead they are giving Regina a challenge and seeing how the "new" Regina deals with adversity.

There was some confusion over Marian appearing because many fans thought that she was already dead before Regina was going to execute her. To clear things up, Horowitz explained that in the second season, viewers saw a very sick Marian. Her illness was the reason why Robin Hood was trying to steal the wand from Rumple. But then she was healed and gave birth to Roland.

In season 3, Robin Hood talked about losing his wife, but he wasn't referring to losing her through sickness. He lost her in another way. Horowitz said that storyline will be explored in "Once Upon a Time" season 4. How they were separated and her death is a story that is going to be told.

What do you think of Emma and Regina's storyline? What do you think will happen with Marian and Robin Hood? How will Regina deal with this in "Once Upon a Time" season 4? Will this be one heartbreak too many for her to bother opening up ever again?

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