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'Once Upon a Time': Is Dorothy the Snowing baby?

"Once Upon a Time" is about to introduce Dorothy and the Snowing baby
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

"Once Upon a Time" is about to introduce two new characters: the Snowing baby and Dorothy Gale. But are these characters one and the same?

According to a May 4 report by Bustle, Dorothy is played by actress Matreya Scarrwener ("The Killing"). The young star definitely looks like she could be the daughter of Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Charming (Josh Dallas). The promo for tonight's episode shows Dorothy throwing water on Zelena (Rebecca Mader) and making her face partly melt off, so Dorothy might take down the Wicked Witch just like she did in "The Wizard of Oz."

Taking down a formidable foe like Zelena does seem like something that a Snowing child would be capable of, but you might be wondering now Dorothy could possibly be Snow and Charming's baby. For one thing, her last name is Gale. She's also not a baby when she faces off against Zelena, so this would mean that "Once Upon a Time" is doing something different and showing a flash forward instead of one of its signature flashbacks.

In the promo, it looks like Zelena manages to get her hands on the Snowing baby. However, maybe someone manages to protect the child by zapping her off to another land (obviously this would be Kansas). This means that the girl would end up being raised by a foster family just like Emma (Jennifer Morrison).

Meanwhile, perhaps Zelena's time curse doesn't go exactly as planned. It could freeze time in Storybrooke instead of rewinding it. While time is frozen, Dorothy would age and eventually find her way to Oz. If this is the case, the Wicked Witch's curse was a major bust – she's still green in the promo, and she's back in Oz instead of living Regina's royal life.

Ginnifer Goodwin said that the Snowing baby's name is going to be very significant, so this is why many fans are theorizing that she's going to be dubbed Dorothy. However, others think that Charming and Snow will simply honor Henry's father by naming their baby boy after Neal. Another interesting theory is that the baby will be named Elsa after the "Frozen" character.

It's very possible that those who disagree with the Dorothy baby name theory are right. The promo scene could be a flashback since we don't see Zelena actually melt into a puddle – perhaps Dorothy just wounded the Wicked Witch before managing to get the hell out of Oz, and maybe Zelena found a way to better protect herself after her close call. This flashback might explain where Zelena got her magic emerald pendant.

What do you think: Is Dorothy the Snowing baby, or is she just a one-off character who will be used to flesh out Zelena's backstory?

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