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'Once Upon A Time': How will Regina and Robin Hood be tested?

Zelena has her mind set on taking Snow White's baby on "Once Upon A Time." With Snow now in labor, Zelena will make her final move to take the child. On May 1, Spoilers Guide shared the first sneak peek for the episode, "Once Upon A Time" episode 3x20 titled "Kansas." This clip is filled with many members of the main cast. This includes Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas, and Lana Parrilla.

Zelena can only be stopped by one person on Once Upon A Time.
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What will happen during this clip? Zelena will arrive at the hospital while Snow is in labor. Robin Hood and his men will try to stop her, but she quickly handles them. Belle will then step up and try to stop her too, but Zelena quickly takes care of her too. Gold does stop to check on her as Zelena continues on. Regina is outside Snow's hospital room, and she tells Henry to go with the doctor and hide in a closet. She doesn't want him to see what she has to do to protect Snow's baby.

Regina will have a lot more to deal with as the season continues on, according to TV Line. The romance developing between Robin Hood and Regina will continue to develop, and fans will learn more about what happened to the pair during the missing year in the enchanted forest. Everyone has their memories about that year back now because of the breaking of the curse. This means Regina and Robin can remember if there were sparks between them during their time in the other realm.

However, not all will be well for the couple. Adam Horowitz also teased to the site that their relationship will be tested as the season comes to a close too. He did not reveal how though. Zelena did knock Robin and his men out, so it could be connected to that. Fans will need to keep watching to find out what happens next for Regina, Robin, and the rest of Storybrooke before the wicked witch is handled. "Once Upon A Time" will continue to air on ABC on Sunday nights.

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