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'Once Upon a Time': How will Hook get Emma to remember?

Jennifer Morrison plays Emma on "Once Upon a Time"
Photo by David Buchan/Getty Images

There are only a few more days until the mid-season premiere of "Once Upon a Time" season 3. Even though co-creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz have been giving out plenty of spoilers, there are still a lot of questions unanswered. One thing viewers have been wondering is how Hook is going to get Emma to remember. On March 6, Hypable revealed the possible answer.

Warning: If you do not want to know "Once Upon a Time" season 3 spoilers, then stop reading.

On the mid-season finale, Peter Pan's curse could not be stopped, but before Storybrooke was erased, Regina cast a spell on Emma and Henry. The spell cause them to have different memories, happy ones where Emma never gave her son up for adoption. As far as they knew, everything was fine until Hook showed up at their door.

Access Hollywood released a sneak peek of "New York City Serenade," which is the first episode of the second half. In the clip, Emma walks up to Hook and is upset. She wants to know why he sent her to Neal's apartment and how he even knew about him. Hook tells her that he isn't in New York City because of Neal, but because her parents need her help and the entire kingdom has been cursed. He is curious why she came if she thinks he is crazy and she pulls out a camera with Henry's name on the strap. She found it at Neal's apartment and wants to know how it got there. He tells her that Henry must have left it there when they were in New York City the year before. He tells her that the camera is proof that he is telling the truth.

However, Emma wants answers and Hook tells her that if she wants to get back what she lost, then she needs to drink the blue potion he hands to her. She is hesitant, but her eyes and face seem to be curious and desperate for answers at the same time.

How will this blue potion help Emma remember? Will it reverse Regina's spell? Fans will have to wait until "Once Upon a Time" season 3 returns on March 9.

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