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'Once Upon a Time' hopeful Anna Faith sings 'Let It Go'

"Once Upon a Time" is looking for a real-life Elsa, and 18-year-old Anna Faith thinks that she has what it takes to breathe life into the ice queen from the movie "Frozen." The Instagram star is campaigning hard for the Elsa role in the ABC show, and so far she's doing a good job convincing "Frozen" fans that she can do their favorite character justice on "Once Upon a Time." They'll be very glad to know that she can sing "Let It Go."

'Once Upon a Time' hopeful Anna Faith Carlson dresses up like 'Frozen' character Elsa
Anna Faith Carlson (annafaithxoxo)/Instagram

According to a June 16 report by Fox News Insider, Anna Faith Carlson recently appeared on "Fox and Friends" to talk about gaining insta-Instagram fame. Anna became a social media sensation after a photo showing her resemblance to Elsa went viral. One of her friends saw an Elsa cutout at the mall and told Anna that she should take a picture with it. Anna Faith posted the photo on Instagram, and that action turned out to be a life-altering decision.

Now Anna Faith dresses up like Elsa and visits schools and hospitals to entertain young "Frozen" fans. Luckily, she has a sister named Lexi who can accompany her as Anna. With her raised eyebrow, blonde hair, and expressive eyes, Anna Faith could definitely score a Disneyland job as a real-life Elsa. However, the look-alike has her eyes on a bigger prize: the Elsa role in "Once Upon a Time."

According to IB Times, Anna Faith has been using Instagram to petition for the role. "I know this is kinda a lot to ask, but it would mean the world to me. Can you take a picture from my page dressed as Elsa, post it and hashtag the words #AnnaAsElsa?" she wrote. "I’m hoping to audition as Elsa on Once Upon A Time! You can do it on Instagram and/or Twitter. :) THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

Unfortunately for the talented teen, "Once Upon a Time" is looking for a slightly older Elsa. The showrunners told TV Line that they want to cast a late-20s/early-30s actress as the "Frozen" queen. However, if Anna Faith gets told that she's not old enough to audition, she shouldn't lose her faith – she might find another way to bring Elsa to life in front of a huge audience.

During her "Fox and Friends" appearance, Anna Faith Carlson belted out a few lines of "Let It Go," and she did a decent job of mimicking Idina Menzel. "Frozen" director Jennifer Lee is working on a Broadway version of "Frozen," so perhaps Anna Faith should consider auditioning for that role. It might be a better fit for her anyway since "Once Upon a Time" doesn't feature any musical numbers. However, she could have her work cut out for her if Idina Menzel decides that she wants the lead in "Frozen: The Musical."

If she can't score the role in the Broadway play, the Elsa look-alike should continue to hone her acting and singing skills for a few more years. Disney has started doing live-action movies that star its princesses, so it won't be shocking if the House of Mouse decides to follow up "Maleficent," "Cinderella," and "Beauty and the Beast" with a live-action "Frozen."

Anna Faith hasn't heard anything from Disney, but she's not giving up on her dream of a career as a singer/actress. You can check out her "Let It Go" performance above to see if you think that she has what it takes to make those dreams come true.

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