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‘Once Upon A Time’ Hook-centric episode 3x17 ‘The Jolly Roger’ spoilers, promo

It has been a while since we’ve had a Captain Hook-centric episode and the trailer for episode 3x17 “The Jolly Roger” on “Once Upon a Time” looks like it will be the perfect antidote. The video, which appeared immediately after the airing of last night’s episode, “It’s Not Easy Being Green” was posted on YouTube on April 6. Here’s a rundown of the episode 3x17 spoilers it reveals.

‘Once Upon A Time’ Hook-centric episode 3x17 ‘The Jolly Roger’ spoilers, promo
Photo by Youtube (Screen Capture)

In the “The Jolly Roger” trailer, Emma and Hook are standing on the pier of Storybrooke on a beautiful sunny day. He says to her, “To what do I owe the pleasure?” They are all smiles at first but in another brief clip, their expressions are more serious. Hook says to her in this moment, “You can’t just pretend like this never happened.” Is he talking about their simmering romance or her life in Storybrooke that she keeps saying she wants to put behind her for Henry’s sake?

In an announcer voice over, we see clips of Hook’s pirate’s life and learn there were “too many women.” Surprisingly, one of them seems to have been Ariel. She is seen pulling someone down to the bottom of the seas as she says in a voice over, “My name is Ariel. You’re going to pay for what you’ve done.”

Then in a disturbing scene, Zelena is face to face with Hook and warns him he is out of his depths. She knocks his sword out of his hand easily. He is seen fighting someone aboard the Jolly Roger and in the final clip, someone either grabs him or hits him from behind and he falls to the ground where he remains, shaking his head groggily. Who is the new foe? Could it be Blackbeard whom we heard was coming in the second half of season 3 or someone else?

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