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‘Once Upon a Time’ gives glimpse into ‘Frozen’ story for season 4

Georgina Haig
Photo by Don Arnold/Getty Images

Once Upon a Time” fans have been excited since the announcement was first made that they would be bringing “Frozen” into their world. It’s finally time for the cast to begin filming season 4 of the hit series! Entertainment Weekly shared some information on Thursday about how the show will incorporate “Frozen” into the storyline. They spoke with writer/producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz and here is what they had to say.

They began their interview by saying how grateful they are that Disney trusted them to present “Frozen” to their audience. Their goal is to honor what people loved most about one of the most popular animated movies of all time and stay true to their beloved characters. When asked what their biggest concern is in presenting “Frozen” Horowitz said, “To do it justice.”

EW asked the two if Disney had any concerns about possibly changing up the characters personalities. The two producers said they didn’t want to change the feel of the characters from what fans fell in love with. They want overall to honor what fans loved about them and they felt this was important to Disney as well. They said “Once Upon a Time” has always felt one of its franchises is love. True love, as everyone knows, plays a huge role in the movie and now the writers will try to collide the two worlds.

How long will “Frozen” be a part of “Once Upon a Time?” No specifics were given but Kitsis did say that it will be similar to the Neverland theme last year. He basically said the “Frozen” characters will not return for season 5.

The idea of Elsa having a love interest on the show was brought up during the interview and they said it wasn’t something they were interested in portraying. They felt it was more important to explore her as a person. They referenced the portrayal of Regina as a comparison on the show.

Georgina Haig is the actress cast to play Elsa and she is a perfect fit! Yahoo posted photos of the Queen in her gorgeous dress on Thursday. The dress she wears is of course ice blue and has a wide neck with sheer sleeves, a diaphanous attached cape. The dress also has plenty of sparkle!

While no real spoilers were given for the season, Kitsis did say the first half of the season would be about never giving up on those you love. They also reassured fans that it will not just be a movie redo. There will be plenty to look forward to for season 4, including how they are able to portray Arendelle. “Once Upon a Time” is set to premiere season 4 September 28 on ABC.

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