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‘Once Upon a Time’ episode 3x14 ‘The Tower’ recap: Facing fear, Rumple

‘Once Upon a Time’ episode 3x14 ‘The Tower’ recap: Facing fear, Rumple
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In an episode of “Once Upon a Time” that was a little flat, Prince Charming learned about facing his fears in an adventure that took him to “The Tower” where he met Rapunzel. Meanwhile, the Storybrooke gang learned someone they thought was lost is still alive. Episode 3X14 aired on Sunday, March 23 on ABC.

Prince Charming

Charming is walking through the nursery in the castle and is confused. He is more confused when Emma, decked out in a ball gown appears. She wants him to teach her to dance for the ball that night. They share a lovely father daughter dance until she reveals it isn’t real, none of it is because he failed her as a father. ‘Don’t fail the next one!’ she warns before being sucked into the magical teleportation tree/cupboard. Charming awakes from his dream to discover Snow White is pregnant.

He slips out to take a shot of courage from a flask he keeps in the barn. Robin Hood sees him and tells him how he, too, fell into despair after his wife died and they discuss the importance of keeping family safe. Charming admits to an overwhelming sense of dread. Robing tells him of a plant, night root that if eaten, will help someone overcome their fear.

Charming sets out to find it and just as he picks it, hears the voice of a damsel in distress. He climbs the tower to find Rapunzel imprisoned at the top. The princess tells Charming how she searched for the night root after being haunted by the death of her brother and fearing she would never be able to rule her kingdom well. After eating it, a witch wearing a cloak that hid her face, chased her into the tower and keeps her there. Charming vows to rescue her.

The witch appears and climbs the tower. Charming attempts to fight her but the witch is powerful. He realizes the witch is the mirror image or Rapunzel and tells her she must face her fears in order to be free. He hurls the witch out of the tower. As the witch uses Rapunzel’s long locks to climb the tower wall again, Rapunzel cuts off her hair and witch tumbles, and then disappears. She returns to her family, ready to accept her place on the throne and Charming is ready to tackle fatherhood a second time.

Back in Storybrooke

Regina offers to spend some time with Henry and protect him from the witch while the others try to find her. Meanwhile, Zelena visits Rumple in the cage where she’s keeping him. He’s busy spinning straw into gold and chanting in an effort to drive away the madness. She has the Dark One’s dagger and it makes him powerless against her. She uses it to shave his beard and make him presentable. Then she tells him she’s after something he’s been after for years but she’ll have it very soon.

Zelena next pays a visit to Mr. Gold’s shop where she casts a spell on Belle so she can open Gold’s safe. Once inside, she steals something and leaves. She meets with David and Mary Margaret to talk about the pregnancy. David is wary of her and wonders if she can be trusted. She makes tea for the 3 of them and slips some of what she stole from Gold into David’s tea. Then she encourages him to get his fear out into the open.

Emma and Hook follow a lead and they discuss how Emma nearly accepted Walsh’s proposal but instead got her heart broken again. Hooks says he’s glad. Not that she was hurt but because it means her heart is working. Then he looks at her tenderly and there is just moment before Emma turns away.

David, who is trying to catch up to them, is confronted by a cloaked figure. During a skirmish, he unhoods the figure to find his own face staring back at him. HE realizes he must overcome his own fear and stabs his mirror image. The hilt of his sword disappears afterwards.

Emma and Hook have found a farmhouse with a storm cellar that is locked. They decide to get Regina before opening it. When David finally reunited with Emma and Hook, Regina is with them. He explains what happened and Regina recognizes that the cloaked figure was sent by the witch. She also says in facing his fear, his courage was transferred to the hilt and now the witch has it.

They head back to the farmhouse and discover the storm cellar has been broken open. They find the cage inside and Regina senses dark magic inside the cellar. Inside the cage, they find the spinning wheel and evidence that someone was spinning straw into gold. There is only one person they know who can do that…Rumplestiltskin. But where is he now?

“Once Upon a Time” airs on Sundays on ABC.

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