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'Once Upon A Time' EP's tease Regina's battle and flashbacks

Fans will see Emma's life during flashbacks on OuAT season 3B.
Photo by David Buchan/Getty Images

"Once Upon A Time" is on a break on ABC, but that has not stopped the men in charge of the series from teasing fans about what is coming up next. On Feb. 14, Give Me My Remote shared the latest comments made by Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis about the series.

Fans should expect the second half of season three to feel like an entirely new season. The mid-season finale ended with a time jump of a year, but fans will see that time played out in flashbacks. Fans will see Emma's life during that year, and they will also see what happened after the residents of Storybrooke returned to the enchanted forest.

The Wicked Witch will be the big villain during the second half of the season, but fans should not expect her to stick around for season four. The battle between her and Regina will be the big focus during the next batch of episodes. The Wicked Witch will have a connection to a few of the regular cast members.

As for Regina, she will have a lot to deal with during the episodes ahead. Adam Horowitz teased the following about her:

She’s her own unique creation. She does what she does for a very specific reason that goes beyond simple good and evil. And I think she continues that way. We saw her uneasy alliance with the characters, and I think that will happen, but what I think will continue to happen is when she encounters the Wicked Witch, there are some major sparks that will fly.

What do you think? Are you excited to see the second half of season three? "Once Upon A Time" will return to ABC on March 9.

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