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'Once Upon a Time' character spoilers: Red will return

ABC has confirmed that Meghan Ory will be back on "Once Upon a Time" at least once this season.
Photo by David Buchan/Getty Images

On Feb. 21 Carter Matt confirms that Meghan Ory will be returning to for at least an episode of "Once Upon a Time" before the end of season three.

Unless Ory was secretly filming, it is doubtful that she will be in any of the first few episodes of "Once Upon a Time" when it returns on March 9. However, she is confirmed to be coming back for at least an episode while she waits on "Intelligence." It's more likely that we won't see her until the end of March or even April before the season ends.

Ory's character had an interesting twist. She played Red Riding Hood/ Ruby but she was also the big bad wolf, the reason that she had to wear the red cape. While in Storybrooke, she worked for Granny's diner as a waitress but also helped Emma Swan while she was acting police because of her incredible nose and ability to find things that nobody else could.

While Adam Horowitz did confirm her return, he didn't say where she would be returning to. She might be back in Storybrooke, or the Enchanted Forest. Either way, one person is surely excited to see her again, her best friend, Snow White.

Where do you think that Ruby/ Red will be returning to in "Once Upon a Time?"

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