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‘Once Upon a Time’ casts ‘Frozen’ characters Anna and Kristoff

"Once Upon a Time" announces it has cast the actors playing "Frozen" characters Anna and Kristoff.
"Once Upon a Time" announces it has cast the actors playing "Frozen" characters Anna and Kristoff.
Once Upon a Time, via Twitter

Disney continues to find ways to capitalize on and extend the blockbuster success of its animated movie “Frozen.” And given the fairy-tale foundation of "Once Upon a Time," it’s no wonder that ABC has decided to incorporate “Frozen” characters in the upcoming season of the live-action series. To keep audiences interested in the show's future developments, on July 1 “Once Upon a Time” confirmed it has officially cast its Princess Anna and Kristoff.

According to TV Line, newcomer Elizabeth Lall will play Anna, while Scott Michael Foster will take on the role of Kristoff in the fourth season of the ABC live-action series. Who will play Queen Elsa has yet to be announced, although she will definitely be part of the show, as Elsa’s appearance on “Once Upon a Time” – from the back – was one of the third-season finale’s surprise reveals.

Lall is a fresh face to Hollywood, fitting as she will play Anna, Queen Elsa’s sister and the kingdom of Arendelle’s optimistic and impetuous princess. Foster is a familiar face from such shows as “Greek” and “Californication.” In the film, Kristoff is a poor ice-cutter, Anna’s guide to the wider Arendelle world and her eventual love interest.

But the characters’ roles in the movie may not reflect what happens in the TV series. Not much is known about how the “Frozen” characters will be integrated into “Once Upon a Time.” When Elsa was first revealed on “Once Upon a Time,” Executive producer Edward Kitsis told The Hollywood Reporter that the show is interested in doing justice to the character as developed in the movie.

"[What] we loved so much about the character of Elsa was that she was considered a villain but she never really was. She was misunderstood. That, on our show, speaks to us so strongly, that it was a toy we had to play with."

So what may happen is unknown at this point, with casting news standing being the big news. Still, audiences can expect the characters will stick around for number of episodes. TV Line reported earlier that Elsa will appear in nine episodes, Anna in six to eight episodes, and Kristoff in approximately six.

“Frozen” fans can also expect that these characters will be part of the season premiere of ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” and as a story arc early in the season.

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