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'Once Upon a Time' casting should give Elsa look-alike Anna Faith hope

"Once Upon a Time" has found its Anna and Kristoff. The show is cleverly making fans wait to find out who will play Anna's ice queen sister, but things are looking good for Elsa look-alike Anna Faith Carlson.

Anna Faith Carlson auditioned for the Elsa role in 'Once Upon a Time'
Anna Faith Carlson/Twitter

According to a July 1 report by The Hollywood Reporter, "Greek" star Scott Michael Foster has been cast as Kristoff. However, it's the casting of Elizabeth Lail as Anna that Carlson should be thrilled about. Just like Carlson, Lail appears to be a younger actress with very little acting experience.

After her resemblance to the ice queen from "Frozen" made her an internet sensation, Anna Faith used social media to try to score a chance to audition for "Once Upon a Time." Her campaign actually paid off, and she tweeted that she auditioned for the role of Elsa late last month.

If she hasn't received a call saying that she didn't get the part, Anna Faith Carlson should be feeling pretty good right now. Elizabeth Lail's casting could be evidence that the "Once Upon a Time" showrunners want fresh faces to play both "Frozen" sisters. However, because Elsa is arguably the more popular character, it's also possible that they'll pursue a bigger name for the role. It's even a possibility that they've already scored a popular star and are waiting for just the right moment to make the casting announcement. After all, they'll want "Frozen" fans to still be buzzing about it by the time "Once" returns this fall. Regardless of what happens, Anna Faith should be thrilled that she got the chance to audition for the show.

Anna Faith Carlson's rise to social media stardom started when she posed in front of an Elsa cardboard cutout at a local mall. She looked remarkably like the cartoon princess, and she even managed to mimic Elsa's raised eyebrow and saucy smirk. The blonde beauty later posted the photo on her Instagram page, and it quickly went viral.

If Carlson does score the "Once" role, she's going to have her work cut out for her. Elsa is a complex, emotional character. Showrunner Edward Kitsis described her perfectly during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "[What] we loved so much about the character of Elsa was that she was considered a villain but she never really was," he said. "She was misunderstood. That, on our show, speaks to us so strongly, that it was a toy we had to play with."

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