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‘Once Upon a Time' bosses dish on Glinda, Hook's new foe and intro to Oz

‘Once Upon a Time' bosses dish on Glinda, Hook's new foe and intro to Oz
‘Once Upon a Time' bosses dish on Glinda, Hook's new foe and intro to Oz
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Some of the best “Once Upon a Time” spoilers come from show runners/executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis and they recently shared news on the new spin on Glinda, Hook’s newest foe and yes, even the introduction to Oz. According to a Feb. 18 post by the Hollywood Reporter, the bosses shared intel on Henry and Emma’s life in New York and the battle between the Evil Queen and the Wicked Witch as well as on the flashbacks to the year that was. The season3 spoilers below come from them so read on at your own risk!

Emma and Henry

Emma and Henry have carved out a comfortable life for themselves in the Big Apple until Hook – whom they don’t remember – turns up at their door. Christopher Gorham from “Covert Affairs” has an important role in Emma’s and Henry’s lives and will act as some sort of catalyst.

The Wicked Witch Vs The Evil Queen

The Wicked Witch, whose Storybrooke name is Zelena, will appear in the spring premiere and she is out for revenge. That desire will play out over the second half of the season. Kitsis says, "When we learn more about the Wicked Witch and her backstory and what happened, we'll understand that what she has against Regina is a global problem and an internal problem. Those two are definitely going to get into it." Episode 16, “It’s Not Easy Being Green” will be all about the witch.

The year that was

When we return from the winter hiatus, one will have passed. Fans will learn what happened during that year through flashbacks including who cursed everyone, what happened and who the green witch really is.

Glinda’s new spin

Glinda won’t appear until the latter half of the remaining episodes. She will still be the ‘good witch’ in the sense that she is a positive force and very spirited. Kitsis explains further, "the mythology of the four witches, we created our own. Horowitz defines her as someone who is essentially good but has gone through a great deal. Wait…four witchs?

Hook’s new foe

Captain Hook will meet up with a new foe, the pirate Blackbeard. Kitsis says, "He is a pirate through and through, and he and Captain Hook do not have a love for each other, and the only thing two pirates will fight over -- even more than a woman -- would be a ship." Is the Jolly Roger in jeopardy?

A Visit to Oz

The execs says the show will visit Oz for an episode or two but not like they did with Neverland. It will be a 1 or 2 episode arc with a nod given to the “Yellow Brick Road” and we’ll get to see some “iconic friends.”

Will Peter Pan be back?

Kitsis and Horowitz hinted that we may not have seen the last of Peter Pan. When asked if he was gone for good, Kitsis replied, "I wouldn't say for good but this season, yes."

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