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'Once Upon a Time' 3x20 'Kansas': Light versus wicked

Charming: “Our baby is going to be fine. It’s never going to leave your arms. I don’t care who is out there.”

Rumple: "Because no matter what you change of your past, one thing shall remain the same: who you are, and that is a fate you can never escape."
Photo Courtesy Of Katie Yu/ABC
Hook: "I heard the new royal was on its way."
Photo Courtesy Of Katie Yu/ABC

Mary Margaret: “That’s what you thought last time.”

“Kansas” is the May 4 episode of “Once Upon a Time.” This article contains spoilers, every article has a price. The two hour “Once Upon a Time” finale airs next Sunday night at 7 p.m. central on ABC (KTRK).

Ever since arriving in Storybrooke, Emma has mentioned time and time again that Henry belongs in New York. Finally, we get to hear Henry’s side of things. Of course he talks about this to Archie and not Emma, but baby steps people. There really needs to be a conversation in the finale between Henry and Emma. It would be annoying if this gets postponed because of everything else that is going on. Does Henry belong in New York or Storybrooke?

Hook and Emma have always had this understanding of one another. It goes way back to “Tallahassee” where Hook mentions being able to read Emma like an open book. They have had similar life experiences, and because of this, Hook is able to confront Emma about why she really wants to leave. It’s not about Henry’s safety, it is partially about Emma being afraid of a happy ending. Hook and Emma’s discussion about this is not only a great character moment for Emma, but it is a great one for their relationship.

The flashback of the episode is Oz-centric. We see Zelena meet Glinda and Dorothy. All this flashback reveals is that Zelena is jealous of everyone. She needs to work on her self-esteem. The best part is when Zelena confronts Dorothy about how she is trying to defeat Zelena and take her thrown. Dorothy’s reactions to everything are just great. The writers poke fun at the twist that Dorothy kills Zelena by using water. Did you enjoy the flashback or was it just meh?

Emma loses her magic in order to save Hook’s life. Honestly, I’m okay with this. Emma never wanted her magic. She didn’t know how to use it, and only used it when it was a life or death situation. Now we don’t have to continue to try to understand how her magic works either, which is great because the writers never really clarified that enough. Emma doesn’t need magic to be the savior or to be interesting. What are your thoughts on Emma being powerless?

Regina has had amazing character development. It is nice that the switch to light magic doesn’t happen solely because Henry believes in her. Yes, it is great to once again see Henry being Regina’s champion, but if all it took was Henry saying you could do it, I would be annoyed. The true love’s kiss explanation works really well, and it is nice that Henry as well as Robin give Regina the confidence to maybe start to believe that she has light magic in her. What did you think of this twist?

Regina and Zelena’s confrontation highlights the big difference between them – Regina is brave enough to change. One thing that the flashback showed is that Zelena returns to her roots rather quickly. She became envious of the first person who came along in Oz. Regina is just all around great in this episode. She is able to recognize all the terrible things that she did when trying to get her way, specifically killing people. The one thing that puzzles me is her keeping Zelena’s charm. What is the point in keeping it in her vault?

Ah yes, let’s briefly discuss the end of the episode. Come on, you had to have this worry in the pit of your stomach that something was about to go wrong. There was too much time left after defeating Zelena. Now there are two options as to what happened. Either Zelena had a fail-safe that enacted the curse if she died or somehow she had a fail-safe where her pendant would revive her after dying. The first option is probably more likely, but who knows with this show. What’s your take on this?

What did you think of the episode? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.

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