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'Once Upon a Time' 3x21 and 3x22: Time traveling consequences

Smee: "Why does your vest keep changing?"
Smee: "Why does your vest keep changing?"
Photo Courtesy Of Katie Yu/ABC

Hook: “Let’s just say we buried the hatchet.”

Hook: "We're from the future, mate."
Photo Courtesy Of Katie Yu/ABC

Rumple: “Yes, but why not in your skull?”

“Snow Drifts; There’s No Place Like Home” are the two part May 11 finale of “Once Upon a Time.” This article contains spoilers, every article has a price. “Once Upon a Time” returns in the fall on ABC (KTRK).

A big part of this episode is forcing Emma to deal with her fears. I am glad that the writers really focused on this. It is great that Emma knows that running away is something she does. The Neal flashback is glorious. The most unexpected thing about this trip is that it convinces Emma to stay in Storybrooke. It makes sense that losing her family would be the thing that makes her stay. Did you like that the trip to the past is what made Emma stop running?

The time travel is done pretty well. I like that even though one problem is solved, it creates another one. One important thing that the trip to the past showed me is that I miss snarky Snow and Charming. They had such banter. Did you love it? There is a hint of that in Granny’s, where they discuss how many times they have saved each other’s lives. I would love to see more of the snark though. Did you enjoy watching Snow and Charming fall in love again?

There are a couple twists thrown in. Right now, it is hard to decide how to feel about it, but let’s just chat about what they could mean for the show. The Marion twist I saw coming, and right now, what I see it doing is testing Regina’s resolve to be good. The daughter of Snow White has now ruined her chance at happiness – like mother like daughter. I wish we got to see more of Regina being good and getting along with everyone. What are your thoughts on this twist?

Elsa? I am fighting the urge to type out more lyrics, but just know, I am singing them in my head. This is a very interesting choice to make. If it is Elsa, then odds are Rumple trapped her in that vase because either she couldn’t control her powers or she decided to go dark side. Do you think incorporating Elsa is a good idea?

What did you think of the finale? Did you love all the Captain Swan? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.