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'Once Upon A Time' 3x19 clip: Zelena will make a new demand of Hook

Fans of "Once Upon A Time" know that Zelena has cursed Hook's lips as a part of her plan, and the next episode will put a new focus on that curse and her plan. On April 24, Seriable shared a sneak peek for the next episode, "Once Upon A Time" episode 3x19 titled "A Curious Thing." The clip features Colin O'Donoghue, Robert Carlyle, and Rebecca Mader.

Hook will be taken to Zelena for a new warning.
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What happens in this sneak peek? Zelena has Gold kidnap Hook. He brings the pirate to the witch in the trunk of a car. Zelena reminds Hook of the curse on his kiss, and she asks him why he hasn't kissed Emma yet. He has been trying to avoid it, but he won't be able to avoid it forever. Zelena threatens to kill Henry if Hook doesn't kiss Emma and kill her magical powers.

TV Line did reveal more about the next episode and Zelena's curse. Hook needs to kiss Emma, and Emma just lost the love of her life. Neal is newly dead. Plus, Hook has already kissed her once during this half of season three, and it had no magic over the savior. Edward Kitsis revealed to TV Line that Emma will definitely not be in the mood to kiss Hook, but that could change.

The only thing preventing them from getting closer now is Zelena and her curse. Emma is currently mourning, but she won't be in that mode forever. Walsh is still around as well. He did spend several months in a relationship with Emma, but he is one of Zelena's monkeys. Fans will learn more about Walsh and Oz on the episode that follows this one.

Zelena has already shown that she will do whatever it takes to get her life back. Killing Henry wouldn't be much of a task for her. Before the end of the season, the baby of Snow White and Charming will be born, and Zelena makes it clear she needs Emma handled before the baby arrives. What do you think? Will Hook try to kiss Emma on this week's episode?

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