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‘Once Upon a Time’ 3x19 ‘A Curious Thing:’ One true heart, one true believer

‘Once Upon a Time’ 3x19 ‘A Curious Thing:’ One true heart, one true believer
‘Once Upon a Time’ 3x19 ‘A Curious Thing:’ One true heart, one true believer
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Once Upon a Time” season 3, episode 19, “A Curious Thing”, taught us one true heart can be as good as two that a book can work magic and that love triumphs over all. The show, which aired on ABC on Sunday, introduced Glinda and was recapped by Wetpaint on April 27. Below are some highlights from that episode.

In Fairy Tale Land

Belle arrives at the castle to tell Snow White, Prince Charming, Regina, Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip that Neal was able to resurrect Rumple but Rumple absorbed Neal into himself and Zelena took possession of the dagger. Aurora tells Snow that Zelena was going to take her baby but in exchange for info on when Snow & Charming arrived in Fairy Tale Land, Zelena now plans to take Snows baby. Zelena sweeps in on her broomstick, turns Arora and Phillip in to flying monkeys and uses magic to paralyze nearly everyone. She then tells Snow she will be back for her baby and flies off again, releasing everyone from her spell.

Grumpy tried getting the fairies to help but their magic isn’t strong enough. The rest, including Robin Hood, make a plan to break into the castle and talk to Rumple, who may know a way to defeat Zelena.

When the raiding party reaches Rumple, he is as mad as a rabbit. Finally Belle is able to talk sense to him and asks how they can defeat Zelena. He sends them in search of Glinda the Good Witch of the south, whom Zelena banished to the north. He gives them a rhyme to help find her.

“Through the door, step inside. If pure of heart, she won’t hide.”

In the woods, Snow, Charming and Regina come upon a random door that seems to go nowhere. Snow recalls the rhyme and goes through and vanishes. Charming follows. When Regina tries, she simply steps through and is still in the same place.

Snow and Charming find Glinda, who remarks Regina has too much vengeance in her heart to go through the door. Glinda says her own magic cannot defeat Zelena. It will take light magic. Zelena wears a pendant that is the source of her power. Only the light magic can destroy it and stop her. That would be Emma but she is back in Storybrooke and the only way to get back to her is with the Dark Curse.

Reluctantly, Regina helps Snow make the potion needed for the curse. Charming volunteers to forfeit his heart and his life so the others can be saved. Snow doesn’t want to. He tells her their baby will know him because they’ve always shared one heart. Snow relents and Regina rips his heart out. Snow and Charming kiss goodbye and Snow crushes his heart over the potion; he falls to the ground dead. Snow throws herself on top of him. Zelena sweeps in again, this time dropping some magic of her own into the potion.

She knew they were casting the spell. She added the memory loss so when they get to Storybrooke, they won’t remember their plan and won’t recognize her. Charming’s sacrifice will be for nothing.

After Zelena leaves, Snow tells Regina to take out her heart and split it in half, giving half to Snow and half to Charming. They’ve always shared one heart. She believes her heart is strong enough for both of them. Regina is hesitant but do they have to lose. She does it and Charming wakes up. The magic fog from the curse begins to seep out over the land.

Meanwhile, Zelena has concocted a potion to protect her own memories from the Dark Curse. She drinks some and passes the rest to Rumple. If he wants to remember losing Neal, that’s his business. If not, he shouldn’t drink it and the curse will obliterate his memories.

Just as he’s about to drink it, Neal forces his way out of Rumple’s body and takes the potion from it. He pens the message to Hook and sends the potion to him via carrier pigeon before stepping back into Rumple’s body.

In Storybrooke

Regina and Robin Hood share a kiss, which Henry sees. He doesn’t care and Regina cares that he doesn’t care. She joins the others. They all believe Zelena cast the curse that sent them back to Storybrooke without their memories of the lost year. They believe she needs something in Storybrooke to carry out her wicked plan. Regina believes the secret to defeating her is Henry, the truest believer, getting his memory back and believing in magic again. Emma agrees but she is not happy about destroying Henry’s memories of his happy New York life. They decide to return to the Charmings’ apartment to look for the fairy tale book that got Henry started in the first place.

A car pulls to a stop in front of a waiting Zelena. Rumples exits the car and opens the trunk to reveal a tied up Hook. Zelena wants to know why he hasn’t kissed Emma with his cursed lips yet and stripped her of her magic. After some banter, she tells him Henry will be the first of Emma’s loved ones to die if he doesn’t carry out her wishes.

As they leave to go to the apartment, Emma and Henry argue. He wants to know what she doing and knows she’s been lying to him. She wants to tell him later. He asks for her keys to get back in their room but after she leaves, he attempts to take her car. He wants to go back to New York on his own. Hook intercepts. Learning of the boy’s intentions, he believes he has found a way to protect Emma and Henry.

He takes Henry to Smee and tells Henry that Smee is going to New York on a boat and will take him. Henry is confused but agrees. Just then flying monkeys appear out of nowhere. Henry is freaked out. Hook starts shooting at them and tells Smee to take the boy to the boathouse.

Meanwhile, The Charmings and Regina search the apartment. Mary Margaret finds the book in a spot Emma had just looked at. Regina takes the book to see if she can glean any useful information. Emma tells Mary Margaret that she plans to take Henry back to New York when this is over with. They decide to go find Henry. When he’s not at Granny’s they head to the dock and arrive in time to help fend off the monkeys.

Flying monkeys cannot be swept under the carpet and Emma is forced to tell Henry the truth. She explains fairy tales are real and asks him to trust her. She hands him the book and his memories come flooding back. He looks at her and says, “Mom.” Then he looks at Regina and says “Mom!” He rushes to her, wraps his arms around her and Regina’s face reflects the joy she has in the moment.

Zelena appears and in a magic knee jerk, snatches Henry away. Regina tries to defend but Zelena flings her to the floor like a ragdoll. Zelena tells Emma that Henry would have been spared if Hook had just done as he was told. She squeezes Henry throat and Emma has no choice but to try her own magic. She concentrates and Zelena’s hands appear to feel the burn. She lets go of the boy shrieks that she’ll be back before disappearing.

Henry wakes Regina and there is more hugging. She kisses Henry and then the rest of the Storybrooke inhabitants get their memories back of the lost year. Mary Margaret tells Emma it was she and David who cast the Dark Curse. Knowing Mary Margaret would have had to destroy the heart of the one thing she loved most, Emma wants to know how they are both here. Mary Margaret explains what they did.

Henry tells Regina about his year in New York. He also tells her he is cool with her dating Robin Hood.

Emma confronts Hook about Zelena’s accusations that he failed to help the witch. He explains about his cursed lips. She wants to know why he was sneaking Henry off to New York. He thought it would keep the boy safe and out of Zelena’s clutches. That should have been Emma’s decision and she’s angry with him. She says she can’t trust him again. Just then David and Mary Margaret show up, saying she is right not to trust him. Hook told everyone he received a message from Storybrooke to find Emma along with the memory potion. No one in Storybrooke sent the message. Hook is dumbfounded. He has no idea where it came from. He assumed it was from David and Mary Margaret. They think he has been in cahoots with the witch all along.

Henry asks about his father and Emma takes him, along with her parents, to see Neal’s grave. While they are there, Mary Margaret goes into labor.

What does Zelena plan to do with Snow’s baby, if she gets it? How will Emma be able to stop her?

Once Upon a Time” will give us some of those answers next week when episode 3x20, “Kansas” airs on Sunday, May 4.

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