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'Once Upon a Time' 3x18: Spoiler roundup for 'Bleeding Through'

Robert Carlyle stars in "Once Upon a Time"
Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

A new episode of "Once Upon a Time" airs tonight and viewers are wondering what is going to happen next. While last week focused on Hook's missing year, this episode is going to feature a lot more of the Wicked Witch. On April 18, SheKnows Entertainment posted spoilers for the episode, including photographs of Rumple and Zelena. There are also other spoilers and preview clips that reveal what can be expected on the episode titled "Bleeding Through."

The official synopsis for "Once Upon a Time" season 3, episode 18 reveals that Zelena will steal Regina's heart. A promo photo shows her holding it and looking quite pleased. Regina will decide that she needs to speak to her dead mother, Cora. A sneak peek video shows Regina and the others having a seance. The narrator says that getting help from the afterlife could end up being a fatal mistake. Later, Regina and Mary Margaret hear a noise from upstairs and go to investigate. They open a bedroom door to find everything swirling around and Regina looks terrified.

On the episode "Bleeding Through," fans will also find out why Cora abandoned Zelena. It turns out she was tricked by a man who claimed to be a prince. Unfortunately, she ended up alone and pregnant. Eventually she did meet a real price who could make her dreams of royalty come true. However, she had to hide the pregnancy or she would have lost it all.

Hypable posted a few photos and things definitely look interesting. They feature Rumple and Zelena and in the first photo, they are sitting down at a table eating a meal. Then Zelena is seen holding a dagger and she does not look happy at all. Then Rumple has his hand on Zelena's face, then they are engaged in a passionate kiss. The photos really have viewers confused.

It sounds like "Once Upon a Time" season 3, episode 18 is going to be full of action. In addition to the spoilers above, Belle will find out that Zelena is trying to do a time travel spell. Will Regina, Emma and the others be able to stop her? What kind of danger are they in for contacting the dead? Viewers will have to wait until tonight, April 20, when ABC airs the "Bleeding Through" episode.

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